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BOTB Partners announces Real Time Video and Audio Chain Of Custody IoT Patent and Real Time Chain Of Custody Software Available for Licensing

CHICAGO, Oct. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- BOTB Partners, LLC announces a newly awarded Real Time Chain of Custody Patent and real time software for Video, Audio, Geospatial, and capture device Meta Data.

Patent Number 10,231,006 Law Enforcement Real Time Digital Information Chain of Custody Assurance System and Method Claims Realtime Authentication, Encryption, and Compression for Video, Audio, Geospatial Data, and the associated Capture Device and Operator Meta Data. This novel invention is implemented as Frame by Frame Compression, and Frame by Frame Encryption.

The 006 Patent use cases range from providing FirstNet Legal Chain of Custody Related to Video, Audio, and Geospatial Data for First Responders to Detecting and Preventing the alteration of Video, Audio, and Geospatial Data related to Law Enforcement, Surveillance, News Media, and Social Media.

Hoyt M. Layson, Jr., coinventor, who has been awarded 12 Patents, 9 of which have been licensed, is the inventor of IoT GPS tracking of released criminal offenders in 1998 and crime scene correlation in 2003. Hoyt M. Layson, Jr., who is an expert witness for Thomson Reuters Expert Witness Services and engaged in numerous GPS tracking of released criminal offender and fleet telematics on federal and state cases said, "This fundamental Patent comprises an IoT treasure chest for companies engaged in location based services and the real time chain of custody for video, audio, and geospatial data for use in legal proceedings. A novel and unique claim is an end to end system and method that integrates video, audio, geospatial, and associated capture device and operator meta data, all of which is authenticated, compressed, and encrypted in real time from source to destination for wired or wireless transmission assuring legal chain of custody. Another novel invention claims the inclusion of real time geospatial street view as meta data for GIS systems so that body cam and vehicle video systems continuously update First Responder and Location Based Services GIS street view data."

Dr. Brad Hutson, coinventor for the 006 Patent and Inventor of the real time HD video and audio authentication, compression, and encryption software cited in the 006 Patent said, "The licensee of this Patent and the associated software will dominate the IoT domain for real time video and audio chain of custody for law enforcement Body Cams, Surveillance, Social Media, and News Media. This Patent and software provide the ultimate in Cybersecurity for Video and Audio Data. The 006 Patent provides adherence to rules 2, 3, 4 of the Federal Rules of Evidence."

Rule 1001(2) of the Federal Rules of Evidence that establishes seven criteria to determine admissibility:

2. The recording is authentic and correct.
3. No changes, additions, or deletions have been made to the recording.
4. The recording has been preserved in the manner shown to the court.

For more information on licensing this Patent and the associated real time software for authentication, compression, and encryption of video and audio data, please contact Hoyt M. Layson, Jr. by email at contact@BOTBPartners.com.


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