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Bovie Medical encouraged by performance reported by specialists

Bovie Medical's Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Surgical Products and spearheading the launch of J-Plasma Jeff Rencher, commented, "As Bovie prepares the near term delivery of J-Plasma units to university/hospital beta sites, we are both assured and encouraged by its performance as reported by Matt G. Oakes, DVM, Diplomat, American College of Veterinary Surgeons, Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists." Oakes stated, "Tampa Bay Veterinary Surgery has been excited to try out the new technology behind the J-Plasma unit brought to us by Bovie. We have found the cutting mode with the extended blade to work extremely well for skin incisions in dogs. The skin cuts with no resistance, no visible incisional edge char, and minimal smoke or odor. Recheck of our initial cases at 2 weeks showed excellent healing without crusting of the incision line that is typical of those incised with traditional electrocautery. The J-Plasma(TM) beam is useful for coagulation of small vessels and we are continuing to try varied settings to optimize this function. We are looking forward to trying J-Plasma for other applications such as oral and soft palate surgery, liver hemostasis, and tumor bed treatment."