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Boycott Platform Attacks Injustice Offering a Mobile App for Protestors Worldwide that has the Internet & World Under a 'Tornado' Watch

The new and first ever Boycott App now strengthens protestors worldwide with a central tool featuring a social action, legal, financial and organization platform. Boycott's goal is to fight injustice wherever it may be hiding and to guide discussions towards ambitious social goals.

ATLANTA, Nov. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Imagine raising an issue to injustice no matter how small to mainstream media or how much money you have. Boycott strengthens your protest by promoting your concern across all global social media platforms with just the click of a button and support unlimited resources both financially and in-kind for you to 'fight' for what's right and if necessary change policy whether the offender or oppressor is an Individual, Corporation, Politician or a major Government Official.  

The founder of Boycott believes everyone gets offended sometimes. In today's political climate, the 'Powerful' have been the leading voice against human rights concerns. But is it only the 'Powerful'? The Boycott team decided to conduct a test and find out.

As an example, over the years the Confederate Flag had been a controversial issue resulting in protests Nationwide calling for 'boycotts' throughout the United States resulting in its eradication on government grounds in many states. Powerful supporters of the flag were accusing protestors of wanting to erase history.

This position being true is debatable but this is not the major concern. The question it raised for the Boycott team is, "Should the intention matter more than the perception that caused the offense?"

On June 3, 2019, the Boycott team tested their logo on Facebook targeting 'fighters' for injustice in their advertising. The logo uses the raised fist of solidarity, support, unity, strength, and resistance clenching a mobile phone. This symbolizes Boycott's commitment to bringing people together to voice their concerns in a way that leads to action.

The raised clenched fist has been attached to many movements throughout history but despite the stated intention, it seems the Boycott logo was immediately associated with Communism and Socialism. The post received over 400 comments and the majority were quite revealing:

"Why do you use communist symbols? This should change now!"

"This app is for dirty communists. F*** these guys!"

"It's all about socialism/communism!"

"I bet this is Leftist Fascism once again."

"F*** you and your ad Commies!"

This went on continuously despite the many posts and comments clarifying what the Boycott App is actually about. Many conservatives were offended by the logo because at one point in history a raised fist was used as a symbol for the communist movement.

In the same way, people of color are offended by the Confederate flag because at one point in history they were tormented, tortured and killed by people waving the flag.

While support for the fight in injustice was the target in this case, this is a bipartisan movement.

When asked how, Boycott's founder, responded, "The new way of Boycotting will have to be focused on all perspectives raising concerns, clarifying intentions and starting meaningful conversations that lead to positive change. Yelling, screaming & name-calling doesn't seem to be effective. When the Boycott app is used the right way, you will see a revolution rooted in unity, understanding and love."

Boycott conducted this experiment as a neutral platform in order to discover answers to questions could create common ground between opposing sides.

More details on the Boycott App are available on their Kickstarter project page here:
Social Action Platform - Boycott Manifesto can be found at this link:

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