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‘My boyfriend had an affair with my therapist’

A woman’s boyfriend had an affair with her therapist, who she initially started seeing because of issues in her relationship.

The woman took to Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum seeking insight into how to deal with the complicated situation.

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She explained that she’s been seeing a therapist for about a year to help cope with feeling burned out from her work and studies, as well as trauma from a previous relationship that’s affecting her current one.

The post’s author mentioned that she’s been having more difficulty dealing with burnout and its strain on her relationship, so she and her therapist agreed to include her boyfriend in some sessions.

“These were to be one-on-one sessions so that she could get his perspective and create a plan that would take his needs into consideration as well,” the post’s author mentioned.

She shared that while working with the therapist was helpful initially, things started to take a turn.

“She increasingly began to badmouth my relationship and blame me for my relationship problems. I found this very strange, and I couldn’t explain where the sudden change came from, but I didn’t think too much of it,” the woman recalled.

It turns out that the post’s author was correct in finding her therapist’s behavior strange. One evening, “out of nowhere,” her boyfriend confessed to having an affair with her therapist.

“He cried the whole time and reassured me that he regrets it and doesn’t want to lose me. In his words, my therapist put so much pressure on him that he didn’t know what to do and couldn’t say ‘No.’ I guess it started when she invited him to a one-on-one session. That was two months ago, and since then, they have been meeting secretly,” the post’s author wrote.

Understandably hurt and confused by her boyfriend’s actions, the woman has refused to see or speak with him despite his insistence that her therapist pressured him into having the affair.

“He has also been to my parent’s house, and my mother has told me how miserable he is and that he mentions over and over again that my therapist pressured him,” the woman shared before asking for advice on potential next steps.

“Go after her license”

Reddit users unanimously agreed that the woman’s best course of action would be to report the therapist.

“I’m ready to go scorched earth for OP (original poster). This is one of the most f***** up things I’ve read. Sue and go after her license. Something tells me the state board will not react kindly to this,” fumed one Redditor.

“As a psychologist, I cannot emphasize enough how terribly wrong and unethical this was. It is a violation of your trust. It is a violation of her responsibility to both of you to help you heal. She abused her power and authority to manipulate your bf into sleeping with her. While I do believe he made a poor choice, the power differential here is substantial, and it absolutely falls under coercion,” one person stated.

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