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This brain cancer drug stock has been on a tear

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    My husband died of GBS almost 14 years ago. If Novocure has a procedure that can give quality of life for a longer period, it's a God send.
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    "Using electricity to fight cancer." Snake oil works just as well.
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    If this works why is McCain gone?
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    The problem with the negative posts is they reflect ignorance. People posting them obviously don't have the foggiest idea about cell replication and what's involved with cancer treatment. The danger is that ignorance will be adopted by others at their expense.
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    We have several real cancer cures.but do you see our government getting behind them.they said cause they are costly insurance want cover the cures look at the big money wasted on.cancer research.its a scam they know no cures are wanted.by med Maker's.that make #$%$ to treat and not cure.like chemo.they take those millions.we see no cures.three places have come up with cures.look on line.and goboldly.com
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    All the cancer treatment measures the success on a 5 year lifespan, so pretty much if you die after the fifths year you are considered cured..
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    Why pay hundreds of thousands in healthcare costs over a lifetime when you can just get on Medicaid and they’ll still keep creating all these medical advancements? Oh that’s right we still have to pay or else there wouldn’t be either.
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    how much is a minutes worth of your life worth