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Brainehealth Charity InEmpathy Looks for Support to Bring E-health Solutions to Developing Countries

BraineHealth, an initiative that seeks to merge medicine and AI technology, is using its project called inEmpathy, a charity with global goals, to provide innovative eHealth solutions.

inEmpathy, a charity that focuses on philanthropic medical contributions, is collaborating with BraineHealth, an innovator in healthcare technology, to introduce more AI-driven solutions.

STOCKHOLM, Dec. 30, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- BraineHealth, an initiative that provides innovation in the medical industry using AI technology, is introducing inEmpathy.

inEmpathy is a charity project that, from now on, will focus on bringing eHealth solutions to places in dire need of medical help.

The charity has taken part in several initiatives in the past. One of their achievements was providing vaccination to tens of thousands of children worldwide with help from UNICEF. inEmpathy also provided ten vaccinations to children in need for every vaccine administered at their local clinics in Sweden.

This charity is also partly responsible for establishing about a dozen female micro-companies around Tamil Nadu. They managed this with the help of Hand in Hand, an international charity organization that promotes philanthropy on a global level.

Now, however, inEmpathy is turning to technology-driven innovation, which is where BraineHealth comes in. Thus far, the charity has mostly dealt with contributions on a smaller scale. But the plan is to significantly extend the reach of inEmpathy's actions and its capabilities, and it has chosen to do so by constructing scalable e-services for developing countries, which BraineHealth will be building.

This project is well under way, but it is still open to donations. The funding is being done largely with the help of crowd-funding, whether on a one-off basis or via monthly donations. In return, contributors will receive newsletters and regular updates regarding ongoing and future projects.


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