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Brainly Tutor Celebrates Milestone: 500,000 live Student-Tutor Sessions

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The Affordable Live-Help Tutor Subscription Is Quickly Changing the Tutoring Landscape - Becomes Instrumental Tool For Students to Receive Homework Help

NEW YORK, Oct. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Just short of six months since the launch of Brainly Tutor, the transformational live-help product is celebrating 500,000 successful student sessions. Launched in May 2021 as an affordable subscription service that supplements the free platform used by over 30 million students and parents in the U.S., Brainly Tutor provides students with real-time access to live chat support for the subjects that challenge them the most. In seconds, Brainly users are connected with an authorized tutor from the platform's extensive global pool of expert staffers to help students whenever and wherever they need it.

Brainly Tutor Infographic
Brainly Tutor Infographic

Brainly Tutor has proven to be a highly efficient, on-demand product, pairing students with a live tutor for instruction in less than 11 seconds. Even further demonstrating its efficiency, students on average only require six minutes to receive the support they need in a single session. Made available via an affordable subscription costing only 8 dollars a month, as opposed to traditional pricey pre-scheduled appointments, Brainly Tutor provides students with the flexibility and control they need to work through challenging subjects immediately.

"Brainly has always been dedicated to leveraging the power of technology and community to provide students with access to the tools that make a difference," said CEO Michał Borkowski. "Brainly Tutor is a great expression of that -- we're removing the barriers that stand in the way of receiving the personalized help students need to thrive."

"Brainly Tutor has been a gamechanger for families and helps level the playing field for the students who face challenges accessing or affording traditional tutoring," said Patrick Quinn, Parenting Expert at Brainly. "I'm excited to see the use of this new product snowball now that kids are back at school and additional subjects are being added to Brainly Tutor."

With the immediate success of Brainly Tutor in math and physics, additional subjects are being planned for roll-out in the near future. Additionally, within Brainly's free-to-access core Community Q&A platform, users can access community support and answers from almost two dozen subject areas including Math, the Sciences, Arts, Law, History, Business and Medicine, with dedicated sections available for AP and SAT prep. Earlier in 2021, Brainly also introduced its new Math Solver product, with "Snap to Solve" functionality directing users to step by step solutions for complex equations.

Brainly is the world's largest online learning platform and is available globally on mobile and desktop devices. Created to supplement middle and high school study, Brainly gives students a platform to learn from each other and build confidence through helping others to find the answers they need to succeed in coursework. With the largest knowledge base of its kind easily accessible via Brainly's "Snap to Solve" functionality, users are instantly directed to the answers that help them gain understanding and build coursework confidence. Visit www.brainly.com for more information on Brainly and Brainly Tutor.

About Brainly

Brainly is the online learning platform where over 350 million students and parents go from questioning to understanding. With their smartphones, users can snap a photo to instantly solve any problem or homework question and be matched with a Brainly product such as Community Q&A, Brainly Tutor or Math Solver.

Brainly is built to provide students, parents, experts, and teachers with a collaborative platform and tools needed to succeed in any educational environment. Based in Kraków, Poland, with U.S. headquarters in New York City, Brainly apps and websites are visited by users from over 35 countries.

Backed by Prosus, Point Nine Capital, General Catalyst, Runa Capital, Learn Capital and Kulczyk Investments. Learn more about Brainly at www.brainly.com.


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