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Brand-New, Digital Business Simulation Launched to Teach Entrepreneurship to High School Students

With virtual business - entrepreneurship, students learn by doing as they start and grow a successful entrepreneurial company and build a business empire.

HADLEY, Mass., Dec. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Knowledge Matters, the leading provider of cloud-based, interactive educational business simulations for high schools, colleges, and corporations, today announced the launch of Virtual Business - Entrepreneurship, its ninth high school business simulation.

Virtual Business - Entrepreneurship, Knowledge Matters' most comprehensive and anticipated simulation ever, teaches high school students the key concepts of entrepreneurship via visually immersive, interactive, cloud-based simulations that are accessible from any browser or device.

"We're constantly in discussions with teachers across the country about business simulations and how students are using simulations in the classroom. Teachers overwhelmingly told us that they were looking for a simulation to explore the concepts and lessons of entrepreneurship with their students," said Peter Jordan, founder and CEO, Knowledge Matters. "After over 18 months of development, we're excited that high school business, marketing, and personal finance teachers across the country and Canada, now have access to Virtual Business - Entrepreneurship."

Via ten chapters (with reading and math quizzes) and 18 simulation exercises, students learn all the key concepts and lessons to create a successful and profitable entrepreneurial business - market research, creating a business plan, elevator pitch, raising money, going to market, operations, and much more. As students learn how to create an entrepreneurial business, they learn the key steps in operating a profitable and thriving business - managing the costs of running a business (employees, materials, rent, etc.) while earning a profit.

"High school students and business, marketing, and personal finance teachers are surrounded by business media and popular TV shows that celebrate entrepreneurs," Jordan said. "Finally, Virtual Business - Entrepreneurship gives teachers the perfect digital curriculum tool to teach their students how to be successful entrepreneurs and participate in this entrepreneurial-driven economy."

VBE features automatic grading for teachers, and at launch, students can choose from eleven different businesses (smoothie shop, pizza place, auto repair shop, bowling alley, hair salon, and more) to operate. Nine more businesses will be available in the simulation soon and will be free for all licensees.

Virtual Business - Entrepreneurship (VBE) is available for purchase immediately. Cloud-based, VBE is designed for easy implementation. Teachers can begin using VBE within minutes without an extensive instruction manual or training session.

About Knowledge Matters
Knowledge Matters is the leading provider of simulation-based educational content for business, marketing, and personal finance. Knowledge Matters' visual sims allow students to control their own virtual businesses - learning valuable business and marketing concepts using simulation game technology. In the past year, Knowledge Matters served more than 3,750,000 simulation-based exercises. The company's Virtual Business line of simulations have been used in over one-third of all the high schools in the United States. The company's Case Simulations are used by leading universities globally. Knowledge Matters also delivers corporate training solutions to Fortune 500 clients.

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