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A Brand Expert Who Created A World Revolving Around Him: This Is Andrew Cordle, Known As AC

·5 min read

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 15, 2020 / Andrew Cordle, better known as AC, grew up in a fairly normal household with hard working parents who made ends meet and worked a normal 9 to 5. It was growing up like this that made AC realize that he wanted more from life. His parents worked hard to create a modest income, but he wanted more.

"I grew up just outside Atlanta, Georgia in a middle-class home. My parents both taught school and brought home just enough to provide for our family. I learned the value of hard work, but I also learned that hard work isn't always enough. I realized there were things about the game of money my parents didn't know, so I began to read and discover things for myself. I began a lifelong path of self-education as just a young man, and today I continue that journey. Along the way, I realized that those who seemed to win at the game of money played by a different set of rules. They had personal brands. They understood the movement and protection of their money. So I decided very early on that I would become fluent in the language of money and know the rules of the game of money inside and out. Over time, I invested in my personal brand as a vehicle that has brought me to places I never dreamed I would be," AC explains.

AC created a business that revolved around his world and his brand. His success stems from the fact that he has been able to build himself up so much. From there, he is able to branch out and do all of the things he wants to. That is how he was able to create his amazing endeavours such as AC Sports.

"My business is really myself, my personal brand, if you will. I build my brand first and foremost, and everything else flows out of my brand. I view my businesses as extensions of who I am, and of what my passions are as an individual. I started each aspect of my business because it naturally followed a personal strength of mine, and by extension of my brand. AC Sports exists because of my passion for collecting and following the teams I love. AC Capital helps people solve funding problems because I am a natural problem solver in business and I love nothing more than putting together just the right elements to get a deal done. The Money Is Show is my outlet to engage with other high-level successful people so that our viewers benefit from listening in on our authentic conversations. Each and every other unit of the Andrew Cordle Brand would have a similar story behind it," AC states.

AC remains his main competition in the world of creating personal brands. He has to constantly outdo himself in order to keep progressing forward. He does not tend to focus on what others say about him, so that he can keep his mind on making himself better.

"I'm not much on tooting my own horn, I choose to let other people give me those kinds of accolades, but I would probably have to say that I am my own main competition, really. I look out across the landscape and I don't see too many other "me's" out there, so I always tend to focus on mastering myself and bringing myself into subjection to my goals. I guess you could say that maybe my focus and specialization on personal branding is something that sets me apart. I take great pride in the brand I've been able to build and develop. To me, that might be the biggest single thing, is my realization of the importance of brand and my development of such a powerful personal brand," AC remarks.

Though AC can't be too specific about what he has coming up, he states that it has been a long time coming with some big brand names. 2020 is not going to slow him down, and 2021 seems to hold a lot for him.

"My biggest project coming up is something I've already been working on, and it's now coming into shape. I have some huge partnerships on this project, names that most of America would know, and it's super exciting to watch something that was born simply as a dream of mine now come together and be real. People are falling into place and we've already started the process of launching this project. Basically without saying too much or giving away more than I should, we're launching an exclusive membership into a group or a club I guess you could say, that will provide extraordinary, tremendous value for those who join in with us. Now there's a little bit of a buy-in to get in on something of this magnitude, but we believe that ultimately we are delivering so much value that our members expectations will be exceeded and we'll just shatter any notion of what they thought they might receive for their investment," AC says.

To find out more about AC, you can follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.


Paula Henderson

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