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Branded as “Biblical”, dissecting Supersonic.

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It’s set to be a busy month for the Oasis archive, with what might be the most highly anticipated musical film of the year, “Supersonic” is the newly released documentary showcasing the chaotic crusaders of Britpop, Noel and Liam Gallagher, as they embarked on a journey from council estates to becoming the second biggest band to ever conquer the world. “Supersonic” was premiered less than a month after The Beatles: 8 Days a Week. Being released initially as an exclusive premier on October 2nd, featuring a live Q&A by former Oasis members, Liam Gallagher and Paul Arthurs also known as Bonehead. 

On October 2nd “Supersonic” was made available to the general public for one night only, being shown across British cinemas.

Arriving at a fully packed theatre, tension arose as the title burst onto the screen. The audience were met with a blank Black screen, only hearing the voice of Noel Gallagher as he was questioned about Oasis. Throughout the film, Noel and Liam provided running commentary, which was pre recorded on two separate occasions, proving that there is still a firm wall of animosity between the two brothers. 

Despite documenting the general rigmarole of a band on tour, “Supersonic” also features home video provided by friends and family, even Paul and Peggy Gallagher provide a few words about the band. Although, the main format of the movie was interviewing. Perhaps, the most interesting interview was from Alan Mcgee, founding member of Creation Records, and musical mentor for Oasis. The interview unravelled the journey of Oasis members meeting with Alan McGee at Glasgow’s King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, where Alan had originally been present at the gig due to his on going relationship quarrels with Sister Lover’s Debbie Turner. But, as Oasis stumbled onstage instead of Sister Lover, and began to sing a set of 4 songs, Alan directed all attention towards Oasis, with the intentions of signing them immediately to Creation. 

Oasis at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut

“Supersonic” was the perfect mixture of mayhem, spirit and Mancunian wit, that encapsulate each member to a tee. Not only did the audience gain an insight into the very public and tabloid riddled side of Oasis, but there were moments throughout the movie that displayed the bond between both brothers, the crucial early days of the band, playing in basements and struggling to rent vans for touring. It was evident that the earlier period of Oasis had cemented the ongoing torment that Liam and Noel would put each other through. 

“Supersonic” wasn’t all happy pills and Rock n Roll stars though, the movie did address the brother’s fractured upbringing, falling victim to the hand of their father on more than one occasion. Eventually, Peggy, Paul, Noel and Liam were to flee from the abusive father figure, not to be disturbed by his presence until a later period during Oasis’s career, where he would turn up at an Oasis gig, demanding that he was to engage in conversation with both Liam and Noel. The transaction did not go swimmingly, with Liam’s fiery outburst being taped through a phone call between father and son.

The climax of the movie was Oasis at Knebworth, in the film it was made apparent that several members of the band had regarded the concert as the death of the band, 250,000 tickets had been sold, with 5% of the British population in attendance. The band had crossed over into the tabloids, and had become completely rinsed from all musical enthusiasm, with Noel mentioning, 

“The day that it steps over into the tabloids, then you’ve gone to the dark side”. - Noel Gallagher

 Although, relentlessly Noel Gallagher decided to continue onwards, for an impressive 13 years, before the demise of the band came in 2009, after a spat between the Gallagher’s had reached breaking point. 

The response from the crowd throughout the night was extremely enthusiastic, people would be cheering from their seats, taking in every aspect of what was for many, their childhood. By the end, popcorn was chucked at the screens, clapping ensued and as the audience left the cinema, many had adopted the “Liam Gallagher” walk.

Naturally, the release of “Supersonic” caused speculation into the reformation of Oasis, with popular betting franchise, Betway hedging the betting rates at 5/4 for a 2017 reunion and 3/1 for 2018.

Supersonic General Release Date: 14th October

DVD Release Date: 31st October

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