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Brandon Crawford gives beat writer his jockstrap after BP throwing accident

Brandon Crawford unleashed a less-than-accurate throw during batting practice on Thursday. (Getty Images)

When historians look back on this week of the 2017 baseball season, it might be known as the week of dudes getting hit in the groin with baseballs. On Wednesday we saw a tragically hilarious first pitch at the Boston Red Sox game where the ball went off course and hit a bystander in an area no man wants to be hit. On Thursday, the same thing happened again, but the circumstances were slightly different.

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This baseball-to-groin incident happened during batting practice before the Philadelphia Phillies faced the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park. The Giants were on the field, and Jim Salisbury, beat writer for CSN Philly, was standing on the dirt having a conversation with someone. Giants shortstop Brandon Crawford made an errant throw, and it landed … well, you know where it landed. You can see the full video on the CSN Philly website, but here’s a GIF:

It lands with such accuracy that if it wasn’t an accident, you would have thought it was on purpose. Poor Salisbury stumbled away to recover, and thankfully no permanent damage was done. But Crawford isn’t one to let his mistakes go without an apology. To make up for that terrible/funny accident, he sent Salisbury a special gift from his own … collection.

Good sport Brandon Crawford sent a peace offering to @JSalisburyCSN after accidentally drilling him in the fruit bowl during BP. pic.twitter.com/xWlm3KcIDV

— Matt Gelb (@MattGelb) August 18, 2017

You are definitely seeing what you think you are seeing. Brandon Crawford sent Salisbury one of his own jock straps, and signed it with a message. The message reads: “To Jim, My bad!” It’s a thoughtful and hilarious apology “gift” to be sure. But hopefully it went through the wash before Crawford signed it and sent it over.

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