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Brandon Marshall, Denver Broncos' Inside Linebacker, Absent From 2018 Season Opener National Anthem To Bring Actionable Awareness To The Feel Movement In Partnership With Shop Now To Fund

DENVER, Sept. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Staying in line with the NFL's new national anthem policy, Denver Broncos inside linebacker Brandon Marshall will remain in the locker room during the singing of the national anthem for the Denver Broncos' season opener against the Seattle Seahawks to bring actionable awareness to social injustices happening across America.

Since taking the first knee during the national anthem for the 2016 NFL pre-season game against the Carolina Panthers, Brandon Marshall has remained in solidarity with fellow NFL players Colin Kaepernick, Eric Reid, Jeremy Lane, Kenny Stills, Michael Bennett, and many others in their efforts to raise awareness of social injustices taking place across the country.

"Through my actions, I'm exercising my right to use this platform and my voice to take action and support our own Americans regardless of ethnicity or socio-economic status by empowering generations of leaders. It is time that we build social currency by way of empowering our future generations. This begins by addressing the most fundamental needs – by feeding the minds and bodies," says Brandon.

Today Brandon will actionize his efforts on behalf of his charity William Marshall Cares, in partnership with Shop Now To Fund, a conscious shopping e-commerce marketplace, to launch the social media initiative, the FEEL (Feed & Educate to Empower Leaders) Movement.  The FEEL Movement (#FEELmovementSNTF) was created to care for the communities that are underserved by extending a helping hand to those who are a paycheck away from homelessness. The FEEL Movement's mission is to help these communities take their first step towards getting to an emotionally stable point and knowing they are cared for while providing them with tools and resources to discover a potential career path and to become strong & empowered.  Shop Not To Fund & Brandon Marshall's FEEL Movement's focus is two-fold: take care of basic needs, thereby reducing the likelihood of unlawful behavior motivated by desperation and want, and to provide supplemental materials empowering people to create their emotional prosperity and be exposed to ideas that will better prepare them to learn and help them dream beyond their circumstance.

"Shop Now To Fund is a platform my sister and I founded to empower leaders by giving them an easy and efficient way to raise funds to continue building do-good causes in communities.  We are proud to initiate the FEEL Movement alongside Brandon Marshall, who is an active leader in multiple communities on a grassroots level.  It is time the awareness created is channeled into giving back so we can truly see change in lives that matter," says Shehan Rajaratnam, Shop Now To Fund's CEO.

For every $250 raised through the Shop Now To Fund e-commerce platform, a FEEL box will be gifted to families in Brandon's hometown city of North Las Vegas and Denver. FEEL boxes include staples like a 30-day supply of non-perishable food for a family of two, hygienic products, as well as a tablet loaded with digital books and programs to educate and empower.

Brandon will activate the FEEL Movement today through his Instagram and Twitter accounts by challenging his colleagues, friends, family, and fans to purchase a FEEL box or shop in the Shop Now To Fund marketplace where by 40% of all purchases will go towards the purchase of a FEEL box.

Viewers are encouraged to participate in the social movement online at either:

sntf.us/feel  -or- feelmovement.info

Shop Now To Fund and Brandon Marshall's Williams-Marshall Cares Leadership Program know that through doing good and giving back we can change the life of the disadvantaged at a time until disadvantage is no more.  Now, that's AWESOME!

About Brandon Marshall
Brandon Marshall was born in Las Vegas Nevada and raised in North Las Vegas Nevada to Mark and Barbara Marshall. Brandon Marshall is youngest of three siblings Marcus Marshall and Sandra Beckwith. Marshall has been a faithful member of Victory Missionary Baptist Church for 26 years. As a youth Marshall has consistently participated in the following church programs: African-American College Tour for three years, member of the Children's Church Ministry, Church Choir member, and the step ministry. Moreover, he maintained a strong commitment to church activities, Marshall found time to join the following youth sports and programs within the North Las Vegas area: Kappa Leadership League (9th-12th), participant of after-school elementary programs, community service for the Boys & Girls Club during High school, youth soccer program, league & t-ball athlete, pop-Warner from age 8-12 years of age, and three sports athlete at Cimarron-Memorial High. While at Cimarron Marshall made first All-Sunset 1st team Conference 2006 and was named second-team All-State at linebacker. Marshall was a success in the classroom by graduating with a 3.0 GPA.

After graduating school, Marshall attended the University of Nevada at Reno where graduated in 2011 with a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. Marshall was drafted in the fifth round by the Jacksonville Jaguars. After few seasons with the Jaguars Marshall was released and signed by the Denver Broncos where he would go to two Super Bowls and win Super Bowl 50 in 2015. Through his career, he maintained ties to his Las Vegas community by mentoring youth in his spare time within the community, donating to local businesses such as Phase 1 Sports, and the Lyft Factory. Marshall began his own Williams-Marshall Cares Leadership initiative to pour into the North Las Vegas youth in hopes of creating the regions next top leader. Marshall will conduct his first annual WMCLP free football camp this summer at Canyon Springs High for ages 8-14, this will be one of many events in his efforts to empower his community.  Marshall is also a huge advocate for against domestic violence awareness and homelessness. Marshall has gained this awareness as a youth because of his volunteer work at local homeless shelters. Last, year Marshall partnered with the Domestic Violence Hotline for a PSA on domestic violence, and he has continued this relationship into the present day. Last season Marshall added two more awards to his trophy case by winning the 2015 Ed Block Courage Award and the 2015 Darren Williams Good Guy Award these awards granted to athletes who show exceptional leadership on the field and in the community. Marshall is a proud representation of not only of his family upbringing but the North Las Vegas community that provided him with a platform to develop himself into contributing member to society and successful professional.

About Shop Now To Fund
Shop Now To Fund (SNTF), founded in 2018, is a "conscious shopping" e-commerce marketplace that gives users the ability to start a fully digitized product fundraising online campaign whereby 40% of all product purchases are given to fundraising goals. SNTF partners with an array of distributors and manufacturers that are integrated into the SNTF drop-shipping network and delivers purchases to customer's doorsteps. They eliminate the middlemen by leveraging e-commerce and share profit margins with worthy causes. Empowering people to make giving a part of their lifestyle through conscience shopping.

SNTF's mission is to enrich communities by providing a platform that makes raising funds for organizations effortless by capitalizing on online shopping habits of supporters who desire to give back! The vision is to spread a culture across the world that is full of compassion and kindness for one another where giving is a part of our daily lifestyle and receiving help is effortless.

For More Information Contact:


Robb Dickehut  |  213-219-6598  |  robb.d@sntf.us
Lee Gonzalez  |  213-840-2825  |  lee.g@sntf.us

Shenali Reshini – Co-Founder  |  shenalie@sntf.us


Brandon Marshall, Denver Broncos Inside Linebacker

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