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Brandverse is creating and launching 3D wearables, using its proprietary procedural design systems

Berlin-based startup Brandverse is creating physical and digital wearables with a mission to bridge the gap between the physical and Metaverse.

Berlin, Germany, June 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

Brandverse is aiming to revolutionize how new brands are built through the intersection of blockchain technology, digital wearables, and NFT culture. Thus far, in 2022, the Brandverse team of 10 has launched a small batch of ambassador NFTs, designed numerous watches for their first wearable, and built the foundation for Web3 native fashion brands. Earlier this year, Brandverse launched its Ambassador token. The token was exclusive for the most loyal Brandverse followers based on continued attendance to online events.

Some events were tailored as Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions where Brandverse shared their current progress and roadmap with the community, while other events were centered around securely navigating Web3 and wallet safety. The Ambassador tokens will continue to provide early supporters free NFTs from any collection launching with the ecosystem.

Later in 2022, Brandverse is launching their first wearable, Z3NA, which was ideated and collectively voted on by Brandverse’s ambassadors. Brandverse describes Z3NA as “The first collection created as part of the Brandverse ecosystem: 2500 NFT watches living on the Ethereum blockchain. Designed with the highest quality across multiple watch classes and compatible with various 3D avatar collections, Z3NA is a true Web3 brand built by the community for the community.

Innovative Proprietary 3D Modeling Process

Brandverse is currently creating digital wearables by using its proprietary 3D modeling process. The way their process works is that each property or “node” is completely configurable within their procedural 3D design system, using the fastest offline rendering software, Houdini. The main advantage Brandverse has by implementing procedural 3D design is the ability to adapt digital wearables to any digital avatar in the metaverse at scale, through a few parameter changes (which was not previously possible). This provides a rapid go-to-market capability as more and more 'metaworlds' come online. The inherent properties of blockchain technology and the surrounding communal culture have allowed Brandverse to be creative with their approach to creative rights for the wearables. Brandverse promotes that “owners can create content and get rewards and visibility for their participation” within the ecosystem.

The founders of Brandverse firmly believe in returning the power to the community through reimagining the brand ownership model. Brandverse co-founder and CEO Kareem Bayoun says:

“Brandverse aims to revolutionize how new brands are built through the intersection of blockchain technology, digital wearables, and NFT culture. We are building the future NFT wearable brands and connecting them with physical products."

And in a March 2022 interview, Kareem said:

“We’re looking to launch another collection after the watches… Our extended roadmap includes some different products, starting with watches, sneakers next, amongst others which we will announce in the future.”

Brandverse is planning to continue developing more 3D wearables in the future which will be announced on a future date. Brandverse is currently perusing Web3 in search of partners and other metaverses to enmesh wearables & any immersive platform. By expanding collaborations, Brandverse will be executing its vision to grow and connect physical brands’ access to the metaverse through its launchpad of digital design and Web3 prowess, coupled with its Web2 abilities to create IRL supply chains. Brandverse will continue to launch brands and NFTs from its ecosystem.

About Brandverse:

​​Brandverse is a Berlin-based startup co-founded by Kareem Bayoun, Gabriele Sibelli, Ivan Litvinenko, and Stefano Balduzzi that is creating physical and digital wearables that are dynamically unique. The Brandverse team has created a flawless 3D wearable experience by designing a complex node-based procedural design system with Houdini (the world's fastest offline rendering software, Typically used for VFX in films), which allows their 3D assets to operate dynamically and seamlessly in ways not possible in the past. Brandverse is the only company that has the capabilities to design scalable dynamic 3D wearables by using their proprietary advanced node system. Brandverse's vision is to redefine branding and bridge the gap between the physical world and the 'Metaverse.'

For more information,

visit https://brandversenft.com/.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Brandversenft


Source Email: info@Brandvervsenft.com

Media Contact: Devan Leos

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