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Bravo, Twitter!

Nicholas Carlson

Twitter came out with an entirely new social media app called Vine. 

It's like Instagram, except instead of photos, it's 6 second videos. They look like this:

My #firstpost on Vine is terrible vine.co/v/b5xpmAYxZED

— Nicholas Carlson (@nichcarlson) January 25, 2013

Or this:

Hello! Welcome to Vine vine.co/v/b5xQHQ5TrPX

— Nicholas Carlson (@nichcarlson) January 25, 2013

Really! It's easy to use and quick to setup.

Caveat: It's early yet, and while the early adopter crowd is going nuts for Vine, and has pushed it to the top of the iTunes charts we don't know if this thing is going to catch on with normals

But whatever! Bravo Twitter for coming out with such fun, cool, polished product. Our early bet is that the company will be plenty rewarded for it, with lots of engagement from users.


Learn how to use Vine below:


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