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Brazil court rules Disney is owed $800,000

BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) -- Brazil's Federal Appeals Court has ordered a film-dubbing company to reimburse the Walt Disney Company more than $800,000 it mistakenly deposited in the firm's account.

The ruling posted on the court's website says that in 1999 Disney agreed to pay $8,125 to RGA Studio Sound Effect to dub the film "Play It to the Bone" but instead it deposited $812,500.

Thursday's statement says that when Disney noticed its mistake it asked to be reimbursed $804,375. The dubbing company at first denied then acknowledged the overpayment.

A lower court in Rio de Janeiro had already ordered the reimbursement but one of the company's three partners appealed and took the case to the federal appeals court.

The dubbing company's phone number is unlisted.