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Brazilian Teenager Breaks Speed-Texting Record with Special Keyboard App

Daniel Bean
Assistant Editor
Yahoo Tech

Holding the world record for fastest texting is certainly not as prestigious as, say, the long jump or the 100 meter butterfly. Still, a world record it is, and it was announced this week that that record has been broken by a teen in Brazil, Marcel Fernandes Filho.

But you want to hear about the tech, right?

According to PC Mag, the new champ topped the previous Guinness World Record by a slim quarter of a second, using a Samsung Galaxy S4 with a third-party keyboard app called Fleksy.

The last part isn’t much of a surprise to us. Fleksy has been lauded for its smart predictive text feature, which makes writing messages super fast, even when your tapping is not so precise (like when you’re trying to race-type to beat a world record, for instance).

Actually, though, it’s unlikely the keyboard offered too much auto-complete help with typing this test phrase, which Marcel typed in a record-breaking 18.19 seconds:

“The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human.”

Either way, Fleksy went ahead and posted a braggadocious blog on its site about its keyboard’s new accolade. What’s more, the team has also already announced a contest looking for a new Fleksy users steal the barely broken-in seat at the top of the record books.

That’s the spirit. Stay hungry, Fleksy.

You can grab Fleksy on the Play store or iTunes now, and visit Fleksy’s site to learn more about possibly becoming the new world record holder. Oh, and congrats to Marcel — for now. I’m coming for you, buddy.

(PC Mag)

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