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Breadboard Raises $1M to Digitize the Electronics Supply Chain

·4 min read

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / March 9, 2022 / Electronics are at the heart of everything we do. Whether it be in our phones, cars, computers, or even our homes, we have become reliant on these tiny chips in a huge way. What many of us didn't realize until recently with the pandemic though, is how fragile the electronics supply chain is.

Just in 2021 alone, over 7.5 million cars were lost in production costing the auto industry over $210 billion in revenue due to chip shortages.

In addition to this, due to rising global political concerns, Congress has passed the US National Defense Authorization Act, which bans the production and external sourcing of parts for many electronics from China, Russia, and many other countries by 2023.

These supply chain issues aren't on a path to resolution, but to destruction, with an unprepared market trying to bring manufacturing back onshore to the United States.

Breadboard has software solutions designed to alleviate these issues and prepare the industry for its upcoming challenges.

Adding efficiencies to the electronics supply chain through automation

Breadboard's product is a digitized supply chain for electronics manufacturers that will allow them to generate instant quotes for their customers based on their own custom configurations and then organize the manufacturing and sourcing process for those inputs via its software tools.

Their software works by allowing the electronics manufacturer to configure their internal costs such as labor and overhead, while also connecting to suppliers for all the parts that are needed to manufacture and assemble the printed circuit board. Their software includes an internal inventory management system as well as third-party distributors and brokers offering the manufacturer transparency into pricing, availability, and shipping times for all components on the fly.

Breadboard seeks to solve the problem of a long RFQ process into an automated instant quote for customers that is then integrated into their MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) & inventory management systems. Breadboard can also customize the input fields, integrate it with a manufacturer's existing tools and embed the platform directly on their website.

Zachary Feuerstein (CEO) and George Balayan (CTO), are the founders of Breadboard. Feuerstein and Balayan have already raised $1 million in funding upon their launch from Bienville Capital. They have also partnered with venture studio Fractal Software, which has supported the launch of over 30 B2B SaaS businesses.

"We are very excited to back the first modern vertical software solution empowering stakeholders throughout the electronics supply chain, particularly against a backdrop of increasing onshoring of electronics manufacturing. Breadboard's product will be decades ahead of its nearest competitors thanks to its ability to recruit world-class engineering talent," says Blake Bennett, Partner and Portfolio Manager for the Bienville Fractal Funds.

Breadboard's software and platform will help by connecting all the parties in the electronics manufacturing ecosystem, such as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), printed circuit board assemblers (PCBAs), electronics manufacturers (EMSs), component distributors, and brokers. By integrating these parties and systems together, Breadboard will be able to provide supply chain visibility and automation from design to final delivery.

With only 2% of companies having visibility into their supply base beyond the second tier, Breadboard could not be launching at a more critical time.

Feuerstein spent the last four years as the first employee at H1 where he originally ran product until product-market fit and then moved on to lead commercial strategy and operations. During that time, H1 raised over $150m in funding and had 500 employees. Prior to H1, Zachary was the CTO and Co-Founder of ResearchConnection, an educational technology company that had over 40 universities as clients and sold to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He earned his degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and is excited to combine his educational knowledge with his career.

Balayan is the co-founder and CTO of Breadboard. George has over 15 years as an engineer at some of the top high-growth companies. He spent time earlier in his career at Bloomberg building out high volume low latency trading systems and then moved over those skills in the self-driving car space.

He worked for both Uber and Cruise on speeding up their machine learning algorithms and helped push the self-driving car technology forward. Most recently George has been leading out the public API development for Carta where he was a Staff Engineer for two years. He is excited to take his integration and machine learning skills to an industry that desperately needs his help.

With Breadboard, Feuerstein and Balayan are on a mission to revolutionize the electronics global supply chain to prepare us for the future.

About Breadboard

Breadboard is a software company focused on supply chain solutions for electronics manufacturers. This enables manufacturers to generate instant quotes for their customers and manage their internal processes.

For more information about Breadboard and to get access to the platform visit their website at breadboard.com or LinkedIn at linkedin.com/company/breadboard-software

Contact Details;

Web: https://www.breadboard.com/
Contact: Robert Axelrod
Email: press@breadboard.com

SOURCE: Breadboard

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