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Bree Buchanan Retires from TLAP

Bree Buchanan, Director of the Texas Lawyers Assistance Program of the State Bar of Texas. Photo: Eric Quitugua/State Bar of Texas

Bree Buchanan announced recently that she’s retiring from the Texas Lawyers' Assistance

Program of the State Bar of Texas. She will be succeeded by TLAP staff attorney Chris Ritter.

Created in 1984, TLAP provides confidential help to Texas lawyers, judges and law students

experiencing mental health or substance abuse issues.

Buchanan, who has earned a reputation as a leader in the movement to address substance

abuse and mental health issues in the legal profession, will continue to chair the American Bar

Association Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs and the National Task Force

on Lawyer Well-Being.

“It’s been such an honor and a highlight of my career to serve the members of our profession,

both those who are courageously seeking help for themselves and those who are

compassionately seeking help for others,” Buchanan said.

Ritter said he is excited about his new job. Before joining the TLAP staff in 2014, he was an assistant district attorney, as well as a partner in two civil law firms.

“TLAP means the world to me,” Ritter said. “You can’t find a more important cause for the legal

world, and it is a personal passion of mine as an attorney in recovery. I am very grateful to have this opportunity.”