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Breezecoin, A Crypto-Based Project Now on Track Towards Becoming A Market Leader in Real Estate Global Market

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / November 1, 2019 / Given the blockchain's disruption of financial services, it is almost impossible to find any industry that has not been greatly transformed by this technology. Lately, almost all industries have discovered the sheer importance of the positive utility of blockchain technology, real estate hasn't escaped disruption either. Blockchain technology is already playing a prominent role in property management, improved record tracking, and general data management.

The introduction of smart contracts brought about a wide range of possibilities in the real estate sector. it goes a long way in preventing Fraud, improve the accuracy of market data, save time-intensive processes, help protect client data, and increase the efficiency of real estate financing.

The market prospects are huge. Today, it is estimated that Real Estate is a $217 trillion global industry accounting for more than half of the existing residential properties with a greater market projection for the future. A lot of blockchain industries are seizing this initiative to tap into this global market. Breezecoin is one of such projects.

Breezecoin is global Real Estate investment project headed by Harald Kendzia and a bunch of other team members who have varying levels of numerous experiences in blockchain, real estate and finance sector. the company is poised to combine blockchain-based cryptocurrency technology with the real estate investment.

The infrastructure of Breezecoin (BRZE) is built on the Ethereum blockchain, adopting the ERC20 token standard. By deploying the sound nature of smart contracts, the company is able to automate the real estate transaction process while fighting fraud and eliminating downtime censorship.

Unlike many crypto projects out there, Breezecoin is not without an important real-world application. The Breeze token, BRZE has its underlying value tied to a physical asset - the real estate. It is serving as a settlement entity for all projects under the custody of Breeze de Mar. This is a subsidiary of the Breeze project domicile in Orlando, United States. This location is becoming a top destination for tourism, with up-to 70 million people grazing the goodness of the beautiful eye-catching sights of this region yearly. Breeze de Mar has more than 60 years of valuable experience in the real estate and construction field.

It offers amazing investment opportunities to real estate investors looking to partner with the project. Investors are given the opportunity to make as little as 20% down-payment in the purchase of any property under Breezecoin real estate resort market with a well affordable interest rate.

In its commitment to seeking further growth and expansion, Breezecoin recently reached a partnership/business corporation with the EMH AG. The partnership gives EMH AG the exclusive right to secure every investment under the company's portfolio. This in-turn gives Breezecoin the entitlement of 10% of every business proceeding made in the packages offered by EMH AG as financial coverage for the investments. This helps provides a top layer of security for all investors under the umbrella of Breezecoin.

These and other numerous use-cases have contributed positively to the growth and value of the BRZE token. According to data from Coingecko, BRZE is ranked among the top 95 cryptocurrency by market-capitalization. The project continues to gain tremendous exposures while providing a dividend return for investors.

In the light of this, Breezecoin has positioned itself as a market leader in pioneering the next-generation investment and business model. In achieving this objective, token holders are entitled to monthly interest payment in BRZE token. According to its whitepaper, effective from January 31st, 2019, all interest earned from mortgage papers will be distributed to token holders on a percentage average holding basis. This serves as a good passive income to supporters of the project and the community at large.

The Breezecoin project is on track towards becoming a major player in the global real estate investment. The company is currently exploring other regions which could serve as a top destination for tourism. Las Vegas, Hawaii and Bahamas are top on the list. Development is currently ongoing in this region. As the global real estate market continue to expand, Breezecoin is one project to keep on your radar.



SOURCE: Breezecoin

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