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Brekford Traffic Safety Concludes Successful Field Tests of Argos Guardian Move Over Camera(TM) Technology in Ohio

Testing documented 545 violations during 14 hours of enforcement

HANOVER, MD / ACCESSWIRE / December 5, 2018 / Brekford Traffic Safety, Inc. (''Brekford''), a subsidiary of Novume Solutions, Inc. (NVMM) a holding company of leading specialty professional services and technology firms, today announced it has successfully concluded field tests of its Argos Guardian™ slow down/move over enforcement technology in Ohio. The testing was completed in cooperation with law enforcement agencies and tow truck companies to validate the efficiency of Brekford's automated enforcement solutions as well as highlight the overarching issue of consistent motorist violation of the law.

Field tests were completed in two Ohio cities between September and November to identify and capture violations of the state's Move Over Law, which requires drivers to change lanes or reduce speed when passing parked emergency and roadside operations vehicles. Encompassing 80 stops and approximately 14 hours of enforcement time, Brekford's Argos Guardian captured 545 violations for an average of 0.7 per minute. With an average stop time of 10 minutes, there were approximately seven violations per traffic stop during the testing period.

''The results of our testing in Ohio confirm much of what we already knew – that there is a significant issue with the adherence to Move Over laws by motorists. At nearly one violation per minute, it's clear that there is a challenge both with enforcement and officer safety that law enforcement agencies struggle to combat on a daily basis,'' said Rod Hillman, Brekford's President and COO. ''We have received tremendous positive feedback regarding the efficiency of our technology, as well as its ease of use, and look forward to working closer with Ohio police agencies and tow operators in the future. We believe Argos Guardian is the solution that can not only help to educate motorists and curb these violations, but also save lives.''

The danger to roadside vehicles does not apply only to police officers. Tow truck drivers participating in the testing recorded 1.4 violations per minute using Argos Guardian – nearly triple that recorded by law enforcement (0.5 per minute). Full study data reinforces results from successfully conducted preliminary testing earlier this year in Maryland, New York, Virginia, and Alberta, Canada.

"We knew people weren’t following the Move Over law. The reality is law enforcement can't be everywhere to witness the violations,” said Jay Merek, Manager of Operations at Rich’s Towing & Service, Middleburg Heights and Oakwood Village, Ohio. “We had no real way to prove close calls or near misses that jeopardize our lives on the side of the road. Now, after the studies Brekford did here in Ohio, we have solid evidence of the possibility of first responders being hit and killed while working on our roadways. These numbers show a real problem for emergency responders and anyone working on the roadside. We feel the Brekford system can not only correct motorists’ non-compliance with the law, but we really believe it will save lives. The work out here is tough, and at the end of the day we just want to go home and see our families.”

Ohio's Move Over Law took effect in 1999 to reduce the risk to law enforcement officers and emergency responders, and was expanded in 2013 to apply to every stationary vehicle with flashing lights, including construction, maintenance, and utility crews. Ohio motorists are required to safely change lanes, or slow down if a lane change is not possible, when passing any vehicle with flashing lights on the side of the road. Violators are fined $300 for the first incident, and up to $1,000 for more than two violations in a year.

The Argos Guardian Move Over Camera's unique features enable real-time automated enforcement. The proprietary combination of digital tracking radar, multiple high-resolution video cameras and artificial intelligence-based automated license plate recognition accurately identifies infractions, captures evidence and generates violation packets. Each packet provides precise speed and passing distance readings as well as video recordings that serve as evidence for automated enforcement citations and potential court proceedings.

To learn more, visit moveovercamera.com.

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