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Brekford Traffic Safety Launches Argos Guardian Move Over Camera to Protect Law Enforcement, Tow Truck Drivers, and Other Roadside Workers

Company Is Entering Into Extended Field Tests And Preparing For Pilot Programs With Law Enforcement Agencies Seeking A Solution To Increase Roadside Safety And Enforce Move Over Laws

HANOVER, MD / ACCESSWIRE / July 30, 2018 / Brekford Traffic Safety, Inc. ("Brekford"), a subsidiary of Novume Solutions, Inc. (NVMM) and a leading public safety technology service provider of fully integrated automated traffic safety enforcement ("ATSE") solutions, today announced the launch of its pilot program for the Argos Guardian Move Over Camera™. Brekford completed its initial field testing phase, with results clearly demonstrating the need for an automated enforcement tool to enhance safety and support Move Over/Slow Down ("Move Over") laws that are in place in all 50 U.S. states and Canada.

Brekford successfully conducted preliminary field testing in Ohio, Maryland, New York, Virginia, and Alberta, Canada. As reported previously, field testing in Alberta resulted in approximately one move over violation per minute of police vehicle enforcement time. Recent testing in Ohio with tow truck operators, who are also protected by Move Over laws in most states, resulted in capturing about two violations per minute of enforcement time.

"Initial field test results captured by our Move Over camera technology confirmed the premise that a significant number of drivers violate Move Over laws," said Rod Hillman, Brekford's President and COO. "Our findings over the past several months indicate that despite prominent public service announcements and targeted move over enforcement campaigns by police departments, there is a lack of understanding and compliance with the law. The Argos Guardian Move Over Camera provides a tool for law enforcement agencies to proactively enforce the law, educate the public and reduce the dangerous behavior that can lead to accidents, injuries and fatalities for police personnel and emergency roadside workers."

The Argos Guardian Move Over Camera's unique features enable real-time automated enforcement. The proprietary combination of digital tracking radar, multiple high-resolution video cameras and artificial intelligence-based automated license plate reading ("ALPR") accurately identifies infractions, captures evidence and generates violation packets. Each packet provides precise speed and passing distance readings as well as video recordings that serve as evidence for automated enforcement citations and potential court proceedings.

Recently, Brekford introduced the system to police and tow truck operators in the Village of South Bloomfield, Ohio, and conducted a roadside test. During a 14-minute tow truck stop, which is the typical average, a total of 29 violations were captured by the Move Over camera.

Responding to the presentation and demonstration, Lieutenant Rob Dauberman from the South Bloomfield Police Department said, "We are very appreciative of Brekford listening to the needs and necessity of addressing the hazards associated with Move Over violations and helping roadside workers, tow companies, and fire and police agencies in making sure we all go home at night. We asked for a solution, and Brekford responded with an innovative tool that will increase safety for my officers, tow truck operators, and maintenance workers. This technology is needed not only for enforcement, but for educating the public on the danger and abundance of these violations."

"On our TAC enforcement events that deploy tow trucks, police, and highway maintenance vehicles to address these violations, we average 20 traffic stops per hour and have collected video showing more than 200 violations per hour. These blatant violations risk the lives of all that work along the road. We hope this technology will save lives across the country and could not express enough gratitude that Brekford has addressed the problem with such a life-saving tool," said Dauberman.

As Brekford rolls out its Move Over camera, it will work directly with several law enforcement agencies to conduct extended field tests and is planning for pilot programs to include public education and full enforcement. The purpose of these efforts is to establish comprehensive behavior-changing programs that reduce Move Over violations, and ultimately create a safer roadside experience for police, towing, and emergency workers.

The Move Over system and associated software, training, and program support will be provided via a monthly subscription model plus a fee per issued citation. Programs will be violator funded and will not require any up-front purchase costs from participating agencies. Additionally, the technology platform will include AI-based ALPR capability for real time identification of stolen vehicles, amber alerts, and other previously documented infractions. Brekford believes Move Over enforcement programs can achieve results similar to other automated enforcement technologies, which typically see violation reductions of 80 percent or more within the first year of operation.

To learn more, visit moveovercamera.com.

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