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Bren And Mike Announce Continued Growth Shown In IPAS2 Review

CINCINNATI, OH / ACCESSWIRE / March 16, 2015 / Bren and Mike, a company built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, has announced the continued growth of the IPAS 2 system as showin in the IPAS 2 review. The system has been hitting leader boards in sales, and many users have insisted on positive results despite competitive warnings that it may be a scam. Bren and Mike have said the following in regards to the system and where it is going:

"With constant improvements, and a growing community, IPAS2 has and is still revolutionizing the way to make money online."

The IPAS 2 review covers a variety of benefits offered by the IPAS 2 system, including a bonus that is currently being taken advantage of by users. Bren and Mike have explained that this bonus system is the same traffic source that millionaires and multimillionaires use to earn revenue online, and that it is like nothing else being offered on the internet.

Although rumors have sparked regarding an IPAS2 scam, the IPAS2 review helps to clear up what competition could be misconstruing as a scam, and breaks down the system for new and potential users who might be interested in actively participating in this automated coaching tool. The company insists that because the system was built by marketers with marketers in mind, it does much of what a marketing coach would accomplish without the need for additional time, money, or energy to be expelled.

The IPAS2 review not only puts thoughts of an IPAS2 scam to rest, but it also explains the three principles on which the system was built; system, leverage, and automation. IPAS stands for Internet Prospect Acceleration System, and was initially created with the goal of accelerating new business prospects into an automated sales system. It was developed and originally launched by a team of marketers by the name of Chris Jones and Chris Campbell who wanted to share their success with other entrepreneurs and online business operators.

Visiting the IPAS 2 review page gives viewers the ability to immediately access a free mini training boot camp session, which better explains and gives an example of how the system could work for new users. The review also breaks down point by point, the advantages that IPAS 2 brings to an online business, including features such as the convenience factor of an easy operating system, real-time chat, customized e-mails for lead to sale conversion, real-time tracking, and more.

In addition to the above, this latest run of growth for the IPAS 2 has prompted Bren and Mike to offer further incentives in the form of a membership to their inner circle. This privilege supplies new users with a team of coaches and mentors so that the transition into using the system is easy and straightforward.

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