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Bren and Mike Gives Successful IPAS 2 System Review

CINCINNATI, OH / ACCESSWIRE / November 19, 2014 / The company Bren and Mike is helping internet entrepreneurs achieve success with the new IPAS2 system. IPAS2 stands for Internet Prospecting Acceleration System. The system continues to receive updates with new training resources so that Bren and Mike may continue to help internet business owners generate leads.

IPAS 2 had its pre-launch date in September 2014. It is an automated system that helps business owners boost their efforts without spending all their resources, time and energy.

"Our IPAS2 review on our website shows that there is much for consumers to learn about Bren and Mike's work with the system," said Bren and Mike co-founder Mike Marko. "This is in addition to the increased income potential the system offers."

The IPAS2 system has many tools for online marketers including methods to attract potential customers and a dashboard that monitors site traffic. Internet marketers with no prior experience have made money within their first week of promoting IPAS2, according to Bren and Mike.

The system has been "four years in the making," said Chris Jones in the system's webinar video. Jones is IPAS2's co-creator and co-founder. He called it "the digital franchise system" that is meant for marketers to build their lead generation.

IPAS2 also has a tracking system of a business owner's marketing campaigns and the sales conversions that result from them. This helps online marketers understand which campaigns are working.

The system's other features include a one-of-a-kind funded proposal system that pays 70 percent of all front-end sales. Users will also have professional business coaches and weekly training to help them increase their leads and sales. Entrepreneurs also can communicate with the system's support team.

The system has an easy design and practicality to create sales conversions. It is easy to set up. The cost is $7 for a trial offer.

IPAS2 has begun the process of updating all its marketing videos. Updates include more training to help online marketers build a successful online business faster. The crew of the ABC television reality show "The Bachelor" has assisted with these updates, according to Bren and Mike.

Bren and Mike plans to further mentor entrepreneurs using the IPAS2 through the upcoming blogging system, Kalatu. Kalatu is based on the WordPress 4.0 platform, the latest version. Kalatu is set to start beta testing and is scheduled for release in one month.

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Bren Koger and Mike Marko founded Bren and Mike, a provider of online marketing training and mentoring. The team guides beginning and experienced online business owners. Bren and Mike also specializes in assisting entrepreneurs in branding their online business through blogging, videos, and podcasting. The company offers a wide variety of information, training materials, and tools on their website www.brenandmike.influxentrepreneur.info.

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