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Brendon Shanil’s Successful Journey of Becoming a Prominent Businessman

·3 min read

Brendon Shanil is a young Sri Lankan businessman and entrepreneur who runs several news/media and entertainment sites. The secret behind his great success in the business field is his passion and courage. Business is in the blood of this young man. He currently owns 6 famous brands in the world, including E Online Sri Lankan and RB Organization. Many people become successful in the latter part of their lives. But it didn’t take much longer for Brendon to reach the top of his career. So, how did he do it? We’re about to find it out.

Millions of people start new businesses every single day. But how many of them succeed at the end of the day? Only a small percentage of them actually succeed and become happy with their new business. The road to success is not guaranteed. Hundreds and thousands of people fail every day. But only those who remain focused and motivated win the race. Our life is like a rat race; it’s a never-ending pursuit. We have to struggle in order to win the competition.

It takes much effort to become a prominent businessman in the modern world due to the high competition. Everyone is trying to go up while pushing others down. According to Brendon Shanil, that’s not how we should do it. We should win our careers while taking others with us. We all should win together.

When he was new to the business, he neither had fame nor money. There were many new things for him to learn. He knows that knowledge is power. He eagerly learned about business and didn’t forget to practice what he was learning. This gave him a much bigger idea about the business, which later helped him a lot. People who step into business without a clear idea are most likely to fail. What Brendon did was the best thing. It would be best if you study before step into something new. It will boost your startup. People who study the subject always stay ahead of the race.

Brendon Shanil specializes in eCommerce, News/Media and Technology businesses. He has established successful businesses in these categories and working on to improve them. He didn’t become successful in just a few weeks. It took him some time to become a prominent businessman in Sri Lanka.

He was struggling alone in the beginning. But now, he has employees working for him. That’s the growth and success of a businessman. His innovative ways and technics keep the business running with the maximum potential.

Some people believe that education is not important for a human being. But they should know that if one business falls down, they should have another way to stay strong. If one is educated, he/she will have many opportunities in society. During the journey of Brendon Shanil, he didn’t forget to improve and learn new skills. A skillful, educated and experienced person is the best to handle a business. Brendon has all these qualifications and that’s why was able come so far in his career.

Brendon always tries to finish his works perfectly rather than just doing it. That’s why he has earned a good reputation in the business industry. If everyone focuses on doing their best at work, success won’t be so far for them.

Finally, it should be mentioned that success is not a short journey and there are no shortcuts. If you want to become a successful businessman like Brendon Shanil, you must put a full stop to laziness and procrastination. Work hard and believe in yourself. If he can do it, anyone can do it. Set your goals and start now to write your own success story.

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