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The Bridal Fashion Week Giveaway To End All Giveaways

Dawn Strong

New York Bridal Fashion Week is our happy place. The gowns, the shoes, the hustle + bustle of the city - it's insane. So how do you spice up one of the best weeks of the year? By putting together a giveaway that includes access to an exclusive fashion show, a $1,500 credit + dress appointment at Kleinfeld AND travel + hotel. Oh, and that's just the beginning. We don't like to brag, but if we're being honest, this giveaway is the best ever. From a Jennifer Behr accessories credit to robes from Plum Pretty Sugar to a Bella Belle shoe credit and more, you'll be bopping around NYC like the Carrie Bradshaw you always knew you were. Not to mention that you'll be experiencing this adventure hand in hand with the guest of your choosing. Because you can't glam it up in NYC alone. To learn more about the New York Bridal Fashion Week giveaway of a lifetime, click here.

Illustration: The Littlest House