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Brilliant Solutions Announces Expansion, Meetings and 2013 Goals

NASHVILLE, TN--(Marketwire - Mar 6, 2013) -  Brilliant Solutions (http://www.brilliantsolutionstn.com) is a Nashville-based marketing firm that is benefiting from continued success with its established retail program. 2012 was a record-breaking year for Brilliant Solutions and 2013 looks like it will far surpass their projected growth. Since Brilliant Solutions' 2010 unveiling of its "In-Store Marketing" program, the company has expanded into at least six new markets across the country. In the first and second quarter of 2013, new partnerships, meetings, promotions and expansion are definitely on the horizon for Brilliant Solutions.

This week the company sent its management staff and top account managers to its annual quarterly meeting in Dallas. An intensive conference is scheduled to introduce new clients and partnerships as well as recognize the numerous accomplishments of the top performing offices. For Brilliant Solutions Director of Operations Zach Kaplan, the Dallas meeting is certain to have many proud moments. Zach said, "I have been to countless numbers of similar meetings and I still always find myself excited on the edge of my seat." The most recent expansion from Nashville involved Aaron Tygret, who expanded into Jackson, Mississippi. Aaron was a local collegiate athlete who received an opportunity to get into management in just six months. Zach said, "Seeing individuals like Aaron grow and prove themselves so quickly is what keeps me motivated everyday. Not only does he have a chance to represent some of the largest clients in the home entertainment industry, but also has a chance to earn an elite income, and continue helping us expand from another city. To see a young man get an opportunity like this in just six months is a very rewarding process. When I started Brilliant Solutions in the beginning of 2010, this was a feeling I dreamt of."

A mid-month meeting will not slow Brilliant Solutions' momentum. Despite the struggling economy, Brilliant Solutions is looking to open the second quarter of 2013 with new partnerships, and new expansions. Brilliant Solutions' goals in 2013 include five additional expansions from Nashville, and toping performance from previous years. Brilliant Solutions plans on growing throughout the entire state of Tennessee, and other markets nationally. Accomplishing these goals this year will give a present for Brilliant Solutions in eighteen cities across the country. Zach said, "We understand with growth, there is the challenge of improving relationships with retailers and our client base. As long as we can continue to surround our brands with great people, each year seems to be more prosperous."