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A Brilliant Way To Cook Sweet Potatoes In Half The Time

The great taste of a perfectly roastedsweet potatois hard to beat. It’s sweet, it’s hearty and it doesn’t even need any seasoning to taste great (though it is always welcome). The problem is, sweet potatoes take a long time to cook. Sometimes, we don’t have the hour it takes to roast one of those giant spuds. 

There’s a really simple way to fix this problem: cut them in half. Food blogger Live Simply posted this video on her blog on the best way to roast sweet potatoes, and she is on to something. Not only do halved sweet potatoes take almost half the time to cook, but the cut side (which is places face-down on the baking sheet) also gets wonderfully caramelized, which adds to the flavor and texture of the final dish.

This is how its done:

You can roast these sweet potatoes ahead of time and store them in the fridge for a few days. Live Simply says she reheats them quickly in a skillet and tops them with a nut butter, bananas, cinnamon and hemp seeds for a filling breakfast. They’d also make a great lunch or dinner side.

Betweensweet potato toastand these, we predict a lot of sweet potato breakfasts in our future. 


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