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British reporter screams in terror during VR simulator

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Just because virtual reality does not physically exist doesn’t mean it won’t scare the person experiencing it. Reporter Richard Arnold was humiliated as he was put through a terrifying virtual reality experience live on Good Morning Britain.

The reporter, safely standing on flat ground, was first put through a VR experience that simulated walking along a steel beam hundreds of feet in the air. Arnold instantly flailed his arms, trying to balance himself, and screamed bloody murder.

The two anchors of the show watched and quipped, “The heights to which he’ll go to.”

To turn the experience up a notch, Arnold was put through a simulation of a roller coaster while sitting on a surface that tilted, mimicking the motion of an actual ride. Arnold screamed, kicked, and held on for dear life while his colleagues watched a very safe man nearly lose his mind. Once it was all over, his colleagues gave him applause and he called the experience “horrendous.”

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