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Brits would rather learn new skills than get a pay rise this year

Two in three Brits say their employer is unresponsive to their needs. Photo: Headway/Unsplash

Brits would rather learn new skills than get a pay rise or promotion this year, research suggests.

In a survey of 2,000 UK workers by job board CV-Library, 45% of Brits said learning new skills is their main career priority, beating both a pay rise and a promotion.

Almost as many (44%) Brits said they would like a pay rise in 2019, but less than a fifth (17%) said they would like to be promoted.

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This could reflect Brits being fed up with their employers and desiring a change of pace, as two in five workers said they want to move companies this year.

What’s more, 13% said they want to change industries completely, and 12% would like to become self-employed.

However, nearly a quarter (23%) of Brits would be happy to get a new job title, while a fifth (19%) would like to change job roles.

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For a quarter of Brits (23%), gaining a new qualification is top priority this year, while one in 10 (9%) are focusing on building a personal network.

Just 28% of Brits believe they can meet their career goals with their current employer, with nearly two-thirds (64%) saying their boss isn’t responsive to their needs. As a result of this, 83% of Brits plan on changing jobs this year.

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Lee Biggins, CEO of CV-Library, said: “It’s always great to have goals in mind at work. If these aren’t being met at your current job, don’t suffer in silence.

“Discuss your progression with your boss and explain what you’d like the next steps to look like.

“If you still aren’t satisfied and think you’ll get better opportunities elsewhere, then don’t hold back.”

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The survey also asked respondents what their top career goals are for the next five years, with getting a pay rise remaining a high priority for 88% of Brits.

Also, within five years, a quarter (27%) of Brits want to own and run their own company, the survey found.