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Brittany Bettini, CEO Of Bettini Financial Highlights The Importance Of Credit Literacy And Education For All Ages

ASHEVILLE, NC / ACCESSWIRE / June 29, 2021 / Financial literacy and credit repair is an area many people only learn about when they are forced to, often under a state of duress. Brittany Bettini, founder, and CEO of North Carolina-based Bettini Financial has made it her life's work to help people repair their credit and has also taken on the task of trying to change the way financial education is approached in schools. Bettini knows that introducing students to these concepts in school can have great benefit to their long-term financial competency and success and believes this is an area lacking in education for adults and children.

Bettini is passionate about her work, she learned from firsthand experience that understanding how credit works, and how to manage money was an absolute necessity to getting where she needed and wanted to be in life. Bettini grew up in an entrepreneurial family, eventually taking over running the family business. In her personal life, she went through some very difficult times and was, unfortunately, the victim of domestic violence. When she got herself and her children away from her abuser, she discovered she was in a state of financial ruin, her credit was so bad she could not even find a place to live without a cosigner.

Faced with an intimidating, painful, and difficult situation, Bettini became a financial expert, learning everything she could about credit, and finance. As she put it, she made mistakes, she learned things the hard way, and now her mission is to make sure other people do not make those same mistakes. During the pandemic she was working from home and started talking to people, soon realizing that a lot of people were struggling, and had no idea how to protect themselves. She put a post on social media, offering to help ten domestic violence survivors rebuild their credit, and the response she got to that post was overwhelming.

"People were reaching out to me, on social media, privately, telling me they wanted my help, but maybe were embarrassed to go to a credit repair company. I understand because that was me just a few years ago. I was the embarrassed one, and my job is to give people hope that this is not how it has to be. A lot of people continue to have bad credit because they're too embarrassed to let anyone know they have bad credit and don't ask for help. I am really good at explaining that it is ok not to be perfect, by sharing my own experience." Motivated to help others affected by similar situations to what she went through, Bettini formed her own credit repair company, Bettini Financial dedicated to bettering people's lives through financial understanding and credit literacy.

One thing Bettini saw was that people making the same mistakes over and over, and not repairing their credit, ending up back in the same bad situation. She developed a system to help people understand the mistakes they are making with credit, learn what steps to take to repair it, and develop a comprehensive understanding of what not to do to not end up back in the same situation. She covers the basics of what goes into a credit score, how accounts can affect their credit score, as well as takes on unique and difficult situations based on the client's individual needs. Her team developed a fully automated system, sending clients a whole automated course, providing the background education and knowledge to help them break the cycle of bad credit. Simultaneously they work to remove negative items from client's credit and help them make wiser decisions so they can build good credit.

Bettini's impact and passion have earned Bettini Financial the Rising Star Award from the Henderson County Chamber. Bettini herself has been nominated for the prestigious Athena community leadership award for her work, something she considers the highest honor. That award nomination opened the door for her to connect with state politicians and legislature, and she is currently working with North Carolina Senator Chuck Edwards on how to implement House Bill 924, requiring completion of economic and personal finance courses as a graduation requirement in the state's public schools. Bettini is committed to assisting in creating curriculum, as well as speaking at high schools around the state to share her expertise, and is working to make an impact on a national scale, as financial education is lacking for students across the country.

Bettini is open and honest about the adversity and abuse she has overcome, her work and dedication to fellow survivors of domestic violence have made her a respected leader in the community, as well as a much-needed resource to help domestic abuse survivors move forward in life, with a solid credit foundation. Her openness has resonated and connected her with a large social media following, and she gets messages every day from people who have been helped by her system. For Bettini this is the best part, changing people's lives is what makes it all worth it. Connect with her on social media and learn more about the credit repair programs offered through Bettini Financial, and how they can literally change your life. Also, check out this free credit dispute resource, Free Dispute Champ, that Bettini has created before you spend money on traditional credit repair!


Company Name: Bettini Financial Solutions
Contact Person: Brittany Bettini
Phone Number: 828-549-8316
Website Link: http://bettinifinancial.com/

SOURCE: Bettini Financial Solutions

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