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Brittany Whitaker’s Extraordinary Philosophy on Running an Online Business

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 23, 2020 / Brittany Whitaker grew up with a knack for entrepreneurship and business. She had always enjoyed learning about how companies ran, what made them successful, and what made them fall. She grew up, married a doctor, and was fully committed to the idea of being a stay-at-home mom until circumstances pushed her to somewhere greater. Now, she has made it her mission to coach people on how to be successful.

Growing up, Brittany's success mindset was fostered by her father, who always encouraged her to do the best she could in everything that she set out to do. He often told her, "You couldn't fail if you had truly done your very best."

Her story began after her husband graduated from veterinary school at Washington State. They moved back to northern Nevada and bought a farm on her husband's first-year veterinarian salary. That spring, they suffered a severe drought but continued with their plan to plant hayseeds. They had purchased about $20,000 in seeds. Brittany could only do so much when the wind started blowing, and her family was forced to watch as money literally blew into the wind.

Feeling down but not discouraged, she sat down at her computer and said, "I have to make this work." She had watched a webinar off Instagram about starting an Amazon business. She did her research on it and pitched the idea to her family.

With high hopes, each person put in $1,000 to start the company, and that was how it all began.

They had a supplier that assigned them a diligent sales rep. With the rep's backing, companies that were apprehensive at first started to take them seriously. Once Brittany and her team found their footing, they began to enjoy working until it stopped feeling like work.

Brittany cautions other prospective sellers from expecting too much in the beginning. When they were first starting out, she and her family underwent discouraging times that had them second-guessing their plan. But she has learned that it is important to keep going and do things one step at a time. It also helps to pause to take a step back and reevaluate the plan.

For Brittany, it was cultivating great relationships that got their business to the level of success that it has now. She strongly recommends having business partners that cooperate well and are reliable enough to be left alone. Two years into their business, they started hiring help, and this was when things really took off. Hiring the right people with the appropriate skill sets and the right attitude helped catapult their business to uncharted heights. Her main principle is, "People over profits." Throughout her business career, Brittany prides herself in never losing her heart-she believes in treating their employees better than even they have it. She shows them all the ropes of the business so that they could start one themselves if they wanted to. She wants everyone to be as successful as her.

In the beginning, Brittany simply wanted a way to make money in a way that did not involve inconsistent gigs or MLMs. She wanted something small that could scale to a bigger operation. This was something she could do at her own pace and in her own terms. What started out as a desperate situation led to the circumstances for building her own business.

To learn more about how Brittany is helping entrepreneurs, head over to her website. She can also be found on Instagram.

Email: brittany@hwsuppliersllc.com

SOURCE: Authority Titans

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