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Broadwind Energy issues statement on final ITC determinations

Broadwind Energy made the following statement with respect to the U.S. International Trade Commission's determinations regarding its final phase anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations concerning utility scale wind towers from China and Vietnam. Peter C. Duprey, president and CEO of Broadwind Energy, stated, "As one of the largest U.S. suppliers of wind towers, Broadwind is pleased with the ITC's finding that the U.S. wind industry has been materially impacted by Chinese and Vietnamese imports sold at less than fair value. With supply and demand for wind towers in the U.S. coming into better balance, the imposition of final anti-dumping and/or countervailing duty orders on these products will support fair competition and further development in wind, and the retention of jobs in the sector. Broadwind continues to be committed to the wind industry and to serving our customers' tower needs."