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Browns' 'perfect season' parade to go on in frigid temps, take shape of giant zero

Cleveland fans know how to do misery.

The Browns’ much anticipated “perfect-season” parade two years in the making and celebrating the futility of going 0-16 is scheduled to take place on Saturday.

A brutal weather forecast and criticism from some fellow Browns fans have not swayed organizer Chris McNeil from completing his dream, which started with an in-game tweet suggesting a parade during 2016’s not-quite-as-futile Browns season.

The Browns broke his heart with a Week 16 win over the then-San Diego Chargers that season to finish 1-15, but have now completed just the second 0-16 season in NFL history, joining the 2008 Detroit Lions.

Cleveland’s brutal winter is forecast to continue through Saturday’s planned Browns parade. (AP)

McNeil got a permit from the city and a $7,683 sponsorship from headache medicine Excedrin to complete a $10,000 kickstarter campaign to fund the parade, and now he has a strategic route.

He told NBC 4 in Columbus that the parade route, which will start near the Browns’ home-field First Energy Stadium, will take the shape of a giant zero to further commemorate Cleveland’s anguish.

“It’s going to go around the stadium, forms a big loop, a big zero for the number of wins we had this year,” McNeil said.

He said that thousands of fans plan to show up for the celebration.

If they do, they’re truly dedicated to the cause, as an already brutal Cleveland winter is forecast to get worse.

Note the lack of fresh snow forecast on Saturday countered by temperatures not expected to get out of single digits.

You do you, Cleveland.

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