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Bruce Willis skewered by ex-wife Demi Moore on Comedy Central's latest Roast

Jacob Stolworthy
Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup/REX/Shutterstock

Comedy Central's Roast of action film icon Bruce Willis featured a surprise participant in ex-wife, Demi Moore.

While the latest round of skewering- hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt - featured the likes of Edward Norton and Moonlighting co-star Cybill Shepherd, Moore was welcomed to the stage midway through the ceremony much to the Willis' surprise.

“I look at our marriage like The Sixth Sense,” she said, quipping: “You were dead the whole time.”

Moore tore into her ex-husband as daughters Rumer, Tallulah and Scout, as well as new wife Emma Henning, watched in hysterics.

“I was married to Bruce for the first three Die Hard movies, which makes sense because the last two sucked,“ she joked, adding: ”Bruce considered the end of our marriage his biggest failure. Bruce, don’t be so hard on yourself, you had much bigger failures. Planet Hollywood, Hudson Hawk…campaigning for Michael Dukakis, turning down Clooney’s role in Ocean’s Eleven to focus on playing the harmonica.”

The actor showed off his self-deprecating side after taking the stage at the end having endured an evening of putdowns.

“Joseph played a younger me in Looper. He couldn’t pull it off. There is one actor who successfully played me. It was Demi Moore.”

Gordon-Levitt had earlier introduced Willis as "what you get if you drain the white part of Dwayne Johnson," adding: “Bruce can play anyone from an a**hole cop to an a**hole ex-cop.”

The evening's other participants included Martha Stewart and controversial retired NBA star Dennis Rodman who was booed by the audience.