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Bryce Harper re-creates childhood photo with Joey Gallo at first base

Bryce Harper and Joey Gallo know each other from their Little League days. (MLB.com Screenshot)

Making it to the major leagues is no easy feat. Many of the best players from your childhood teams probably fizzled out somewhere along the way. At best, you might have played against a player who eventually made the majors. If you were lucky enough to have played with a future major leaguer, congrats. That’s pretty rare. Now, if you happened to play with two …

Then you were definitely on this team. Once upon a time, Washington Nationals superstar Bryce Harper and Texas Rangers slugger Joey Gallo played on the same Little League team in Las Vegas. We know that because Gallo tweeted out an excellent picture of the two a few years back.

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On Sunday, the two managed to re-create that awesome photo. After a first inning single, Harper found himself standing next to … you guessed it … Gallo, who was playing first base. The two were in the identical positions of the original picture.

Amazing, right?

If you really want to feel old and unaccomplished, consider that both of those images were taken less than 20 years apart. In the original picture, Gallo states the two are 8 and 9 years old. Harper is only 24 right now. Gallo is 23.

Less than 20 years ago, these two struck fear into every Little League pitcher within 200 miles of Las Vegas. On Sunday, they were together again. Thankfully for every major-league pitcher, Harper and Gallo are on different teams this time around.

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