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Brytlyt Creates an Analytics Workbench Without Compromise

LONDON, Sept. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- A data analytics workbench helps people to see and understand their data. But in today's world of big data and real-time analytics, our visualisation tools are struggling to meet the demands of customers who want to unlock the full potential their data holds. What data analysts are finding is that for their visualisation tool to perform well they need to compromise.

Brytlyt visualisation tool for data analytics, SpotLyt

Brytlyt are a UK start-up with a GPU-accelerated database that is independently proven to be the fastest GPU database in the world. After discovering that other commercially available products couldn't keep up with the speed of their database, Brytlyt realised they needed to build their own visualisation tool. Brytlyt's visualisation workbench, SpotLyt, was born and you don't even need to use it with GPU acceleration to see the benefits.

Richard Heyns, CEO and Founder of Brytlyt, says "Customers are finding that their visualisation tool responds slowly if their data is too big or too complex. At Brytlyt we decided to build a tool that works for you, not the other way around. Keep your massive dataset, fill the dashboard with all the charts you desire and have as many complex joins and queries as you please. SpotLyt has been fine-tuned and optimised to ensure users have an incredibly responsive experience, that no other vendors can match."

Highlights of SpotLyt's capabilities are:

Beautiful charting:

The visualisation component allows users to see all their charts together.  There is a geospatial mapping capability where you can combine what you are looking at on a map with aggregational charts – bar charts, line diagraphs, heat maps etc.

Full SQL editor:

SpotLyt has a very powerful SQL editor doing the coding, which interacts with Brytlyt's PostgreSQL database.  Users can navigate to all their database objects, create views and tables etc. and work with data in the SQL editor.

Direct integration with Jupyter Notebooks:

The third component is Jupyter.  SpotLyt has a very strong link to Jupyter notebook.  Jupyter notebook is a browser-based way of writing python code (and other code) with python being the main technology that data scientists are currently using.

Interactive geospatial mapping and analytics:

In contrast to other vendors, SpotLyt has moved the rendering from the client side for mapping to the actual database side meaning it is only the image, which is shipped out, not the data.  The technology used to do this is a web-mapping server.  As a result, SpotLyt can now do exciting things with maps, which has massive appeal to sectors such as telcos, retail, oil & gas, logistics and location-based advertising.

Front-end scripting:

Little coding snippets create controls and capture user intent, behavior & events and subsequently use the information to dynamically change what will happen in the charting.

Back-end scripting:

SpotLyt uses stored procedures because of the integration with PostgreSQL.  This gives significant flexibility on the data side and enables users to dynamically work with the data.

SpotLyt provides fast interactive drill-down capabilities to the individual data point level. 

About Brytlyt:

Brytlyt is a young and dynamic company with a clear mission – to empower organisations through transformational data analytics. At the heart of achieving this is delivering "Speed of Thought Analytics".

By using Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and patent-pending algorithms, their data processing engine is over 1,000 times faster than alternative technology. Brytlyt's technology been independently benchmarked as the fastest GPU database by Mark Litwintschik in his blog.

Using Brytlyt massively improves time-to-value for data analysts, supporting agile data-driven decision making, based on accurate analysis of the most recent data. Decision makers are empowered, building greater situational awareness and insight that can be easily shared with their peers. 

Brytlyt are the only GPU database to cope with high-speed joins without affecting performance. The founder, Richard Heyns, has come from a retail analytics background, building Brytlyt from scratch to overcome the long query times experienced in big data analytics. The result is a database that returns queries instantly, with a visualisation tool, that keeps up with the pace.

Already making waves in the Telco space, providing real-time analytics on network quality and customer satisfaction in partnership with P3, Brytlyt's journey is just beginning.

Winner Interop Tech Start-up 2015
Winner O'Reilly Strata + Hadoop Start-up Showcase 2015
Finalist NVIDIA Early Stage Challenge 2014
Disruptive Innovation award, TM Forum Excellence Awards 2018

For more information, visit www.brytlyt.com

Or contact Brytlyt at contact@brytlyt.com, +44-7966060201

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