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BSI's Second Privacy and Security Summit Successfully Held on the Cloud

BEIJING, July 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Second Security and Privacy Summit, hosted by BSI, was held successfully on June 30 with AR livestream technology in China, breaking the limits of geography and establishing connections between China and U.K. 20 speakers from government, academics and enterprises were invited, covering the areas of 5G, AI, big data centers, the industrial Internet, intelligent health and breaking geographical restrictions. The Summit utilized innovative AR technology to live stream the sharing of how to achieve the transition from "Security" to "Trust" for organizations in the post-epidemic era.

To start, Mr. Pietro Foschi, BSI Group Assurance Director, and Mr. Harold Pradal, BSI Commercial Director, remotely delivered opening speeches from the United Kingdom on behalf of the BSI Group to the Summit. As a member of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), BSI was the world's first national certified body in the world, and it leveraged standards to empower organizations to achieve organization resilience. Nine of the ten most widely used standards in the world, such as ISO 9001, and ISO 45001, were originated from the British BS standards, in which BSI was engaged.  

Under the Internet era , Privacy and Security has also become an important topic for all organizations and individuals to pay attention to. That's why BSI concentrated on leading the development of this field in recent years. BSI's purpose is to "inspire trust and build a more resilient world ", representing our organization's mission to use standard practices and applications to help more enterprises, achieve organizational resilience, and jointly build a resilient world.

Mr. Zhang Ming, BSI Greater China Managing Director, followed to deliver the welcoming speech. With the successful BSI first Privacy and Security Summit in Beijing in November 2019, which successfully attracted more than 300 enterprises to participant in, we started to plan the Summit in the post-epidemic era, consistent with the characteristics of the fast growing internet. We expect to work with leading enterprises in various industries to focus on the Privacy and Security in 2020 and beyond. In the past two years, BSI China has provided certification services for leading enterprises in many industries, including ISO 27001, ISO/IEC 27701 and so on. In the future, we will continue to look forward to the partnership with more industry organizations and enterprises to create a Trustworthy world together.

Martin Zhang, BSI Greater China, Managing Director

Mr. Tom Simpson, Managing Director of China Britain Business Council, and Ms. Michelle Chen, Representative of ISACA, also delivered speeches at the event.

Privacy Protection and Information Security

The Summit invited a number of internal and external privacy experts to share their fantastic presentation online. Mr. Willibert Fabritius, VP of BSI group and global product leader of ISO/IEC 27701, presented a keynote speech on Privacy in the new normal –ISO/IEC 27701. In an increasingly complicated world, he presented, organizations faced an increasing responsibility to protect their reputation, ensure information security, ensure sustainable development and improve quality, ensure business continuity, prepare for change and contingencies, and protect privacy.

ISO/IEC 27701 provides an internationally recognized framework applicable to the establishment of privacy management systems and provides a set of requirements and guidelines for organizations, privacy protection under the new normal, requiring organizations to pay more attention to privacy than ever before.

BSI Chinese ICT Head, Dr. Wan Xin also delivered a speech that the physical and spatial isolation brought by the epidemic has enhanced the Internet-based network connection between people in the post-epidemic era. How to achieve security and credibility has been particularly important. When software defines everything, software engineering security is the foundation of all security, while ISO/IEC 27034 focuses on application system security, a way to build software development security organizational capabilities, and how to apply it to the project level.

Meanwhile, expert representatives from the corporate side also shared their best business practice. Huawei senior privacy expert Xiao Zhaoluan, a senior privacy expert at terminal cloud services, delivered a keynote speech on HMS eco-globalization privacy security governance; and Mr. Gao Ruixin, Head of ZTE's data protection compliance department, brought in "data protection compliance 2. Legal compliance to trust co-construction ", introduced the operation experience of enterprise data protection; Hangzhou e-sign CTO Mr. Liu HaiPing shared the security technology architecture of sign treasure to the application of AI technology, implementation ISO/IEC 27001,ISO/IEC 27701 and so on to help electronic sign can bring data security, ensure user trust.

Block Chain and Data Governance

Mr. Zhang Shaohua , Shanghai Computer Software Technology Development Center, Director delivered speech on Block Chain to Build Digital Trust — "new infrastructure of Digital Economy Era". He mentioned on combining blockchain technology features and digital trust features, the essence of the Internet is sharing, interaction, virtual, service, and "Internet" or digital economy behind the essence is "data flow ", data in the enterprise, people, equipment between the three generated free flow. "Trust" is still the basis for mobility. Blockchain has become an important tool to build digital trust at present. It can make trusted connections to multiple subjects, record the flow of data between parties, enhance trust in digital society, and has played an important role in finance, supply chain and other fields.

Mr. Bill Roscoe, Oxford University Professor, former Oxford University blockchain research center Director, also delivered speech about Penetrating Supervision and the Blockchain Standard Family. He presented that the unique technical advantages of the blockchain could help to eliminate disputes through a system-experienced sequence of states and complete logs. Standards, regulation, and the benefits they bring to society are essential to help promote public, scientific, and engineering awareness.

Mr. Bill Roscoe, Oxford University Professor, former Oxford University blockchain research center Director, also delivered a speech about Penetrating Supervision and the Blockchain Standard Family.

Mr. Wang GuangSheng, DAMA China Chairman, then shared on Digital Transformation and Data Governance and Data Standards, briefing introducing the background of digitization, the difficulties and pain points of digital transformation, management and DAMA data management knowledge system and data standards.

As a medical and health industry enterprise with big data, Anjin Biological Asia Pacific CIO Mr. Gu Wei brought a speech on "Zen: Data Protection and Governance in the Medical and Health Industry". Ms. Hu Yi , ShangShang Sign security expert shared how data governance built the foundation of trust in the age of smart signing, describing how to integrate these claims organically in an organization. The ISO 38505-1 standard provides a data governance tool based on the dynamics of the organization, and a digital enterprise with data governance is the organization that users, partners and regulators trust. 

Mr. Cai Junlei, the representative of the ISACA, presented best practice of Controlling Risk to Help Transformation and Building Trust, the ISACA is helping Chinese enterprises to transform digitally, providing enterprises with a guide to the digital transformation of Chinese enterprises from the perspective of risk.

Dr. Li Yun, CEO of Guangdong Weichen Information Technology, delivered speech on Trusting Technology for Next Generation Computing Platform of Automotive Electronics and Ma Chen, Head of security operation of Zhongtongji Network, shared content about the construction of data security system in decryption.

BSI China's chief data governance expert Ms. Pan Rong summarized the presentation of each speaker's with the data-related standard family content

First cloud AR certification & strategy signing ceremony

BSI Mr. Zhang Ming, BSI Greater China Managing Director, and Mr. Ji Lifang, Head of BSI RS, awarded certification to 11 companies on the cloud in Shanghai and Shenzhen, including ISO/IEC 27701, ISO 38505, ISO 13485 and MDR CE certification. The company list is as below:

  • ISO/IEC 27701: Aspiegel Limited, Huawei Services (Hong Kong) Co., Limited, Huawei Software Co., Limited, Huawei Shop, ZTE Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yitu Technology Co., Ltd., Pingan Puhui Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Timevale Information Technology Co., Ltd. Miniso Ltd.;
  • ISO 38505: Hangzhou BestSign Network Technology Co.,Ltd
  • ISO 13485 and MDR CE certification: Shenzhen LEPU Intelligent Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
BSI Certification - BSI Group

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