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BTC Mining for the Masses

Investview Launches Bitcoin Mining

SALT LAKE CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / September 26, 2018 / Investview Corporation (INVU) enters agreement to provide Bitcoin mining for the masses.

Investview entered an agreement with BYOBitcoin LLC to provide mining hardware, software and services for Bitcoin mining. To effectively mine crypto currency, the proper environment, equipment, software and maintenance is required to achieve optimum results. The company's ability to provide a turn-key hardware and services package enables individuals to participate in what has become a technology sector primarily controlled by large players with the ability to establish huge mining farms.

With the addition of Bitcoin into Kuvera's mining products lineup it now mines the top two most widely owned crypto currencies in the world. Ethereum mining was added in November 2017 and was met with significant demand. The two crypto currencies now account for 66% of the cryptocurrencies market. Most recently Bitcoin's market share was 55% versus 11% for Ethereum. Also, despite Bitcoin's sell-off over the last year it's still very popular with millennials. See article ''75% of Millennials are more likely to Date Someone who is into Bitcoin'', Bitcoin.com July 31, 2018.

''Our launch of ethereum and altcoin mining was our most successful product launch to date generating significant sales immediately. It is anticipated that Bitcoin mining will experience even greater demand due to its on-going status as the most widely used crypto currency world-wide,'' said Mario Romano, Director of Finance.

Ryan Smith, CEO added ''We have received numerous requests for Bitcoin mining since our initial mining launch. Our agreement with BYOBitcoin provides the necessary expertise and large-scale Bitcoin mining operations our customers desire.''

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Investview, Inc. is a diversified financial technology organization that operates through its wholly -owned subsidiaries, to provide financial products and services to individuals, accredited investors and select financial institutions. investview.com

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