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BTS names their favorite League of Legends team and player

The members of South Korean pop sensation BTS have expressed their support for professional League of Legends team, SK Telecom T1. The pop group revealed their favorite team and players in an interview with Yahoo Esports.

When asked who their favorite team was, members Rap Monster and Jin immediately responded with, “SKT T1. We’re Koreans!”

The group expressed admiration for the League of Legends skills of SKT T1’s renowned mid laner, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, with member Jungkook adding, “Faker!”

“Faker’s movement is crazy,” Jin said.

BTS spoke to Yahoo Esports about their favorite esports team. (Yahoo Esports)

Jin also revealed that he likes playing League of Legends AD carry champion Jhin because they share the same name.

However, some BTS members named StarCraft as their game of choice over League of Legends, namely J-Hope and Rap Monster. J-Hope and V shared impressions of StarCraft units, including hilarious renditions of the Dragoon and SCV.

You can watch the full interview in the embedded video above. For more League of Legends coverage, be sure to check out Yahoo Esports’ dedicated hub.

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