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BTS reveals their favorite Overwatch characters and players

South Korean pop group BTS has revealed their favorite Overwatch characters and players. Speaking to Yahoo Esports in an interview, the group talked about Blizzard’s popular multiplayer shooter, Overwatch.

On the topic of whether they preferred StarCraft or League of Legends, Jungkook said he liked Overwatch, in direct opposition to the other members of BTS.

When asked who his favorite player was, Jungkook named YulmuAppa, a South Korean YouTuber who is known for his Widowmaker gameplay.

BTS spoke to Yahoo Esports about their favorite esports team. (Yahoo Esports)

“He’s a real father,” Jungkook said, and described him as the Overwatch equivalent of SKT T1’s legendary League of Legends player Faker.

Member V said he played Overwatch’s D.Va the most, and that his favorite player was a South Korean YouTuber known as 각 (Gakpok).

You can watch the full interview in the embedded video above. For more Overwatch coverage, be sure to check out Yahoo Esports’ dedicated Overwatch hub.

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