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Buckeye says 8 U.S. Midwest pipeline segments overbooked for June

May 16 (Reuters) - Buckeye Partners LP said on Friday nominations for its eight refined product U.S. Midwest pipeline segments for June were above capacity and it was asking shippers to review their current nominations.

The U.S. midstream company has asked shippers to revise nominations on pipeline segments L010, L316, L403, L304, L301/L306, L165, L415/521, and Laurel pipeline with binding nominations.

A company spokesman was not immediately available to comment on the capacities.

The submission deadline for binding nominations on Transport 4 is by the close of business on Friday, May 20, Buckeye said.

The company said binding nomination volumes will be reviewed and, if required, final allocated volumes for May will be sent to each shipper by Thursday, May 22.

The L010 line segment is sourced from Chicago origins and its destinations can include all Buckeye MPS (M) delivery locations, the company said in a statement.

The shipments via Buckeye's L415/521 Midwest line segment deliver to destinations including Aurora and Brecksville in Ohio, as well as Midland and Coraopolis in Pennsylvania.

The L316 line segment delivers to destinations such as Bradley Road and Lorain in Ohio, while batches for the L403 line segment have delivery destinations in Avon and Clermont in Indiana.

The L165 line segment, originating from Wood River, Illinois, has delivery destinations in Indiana and Ohio.

The L304 line segment delivers to Woodhaven and Detroit in Michigan, and L301/L306 has delivery destinations in Indiana and Ohio.

The segment on Laurel pipeline, which serves Pennsylvania markets from Philadelphia, delivers to destinations in El Dorado and Coraopolis in Pennsylvania.

Buckeye Partners owns and operates about 5,400 miles (8,700 km) of pipeline and 67 products terminals that provide aggregate storage capacity of about 27.2 million barrels.

(Reporting by Anupam Chatterjee in Bangalore; Editing by James Dalgleish)