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Bud Light Unveils New Area 51-Inspired Packaging in Honor of the Alien Raid

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: Bud Light

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The Area 51 raid slated for September 20 started out as a funny Facebook group to “see them aliens.” However, over one million RSVPs later, it’s a full-blown internet sensation. Bud Light is getting in on the fun with an Area 51-themed beer can that truly embodies what we picture is happening on the top-secret grounds.

Bud Light posted a picture on Twitter of the new packaging on July 17 with the caption, “Area 51 Special Edition” with the alien emoji. Of course, it made people wonder if it was actually happening or if it was just an opportunity to get in on news stirring around the raid.

One user asked, “Is this real?!” and the Bud Light account responded, “51,000 RTs and we’ll make it happen.” At the time of publishing, there are about 16,000 retweets, so more people need to hit that button to make it happen.

Not only that, but Bud Light is offering free beer “to any alien that makes it out.” So once you get your alien, don’t forget to get your cold ones.

“Whether you’re from this planet or another galaxy, nothing says ‘welcome to our planet’ like a few beers,” a Bud Light spokesperson said. “The way we see it, there’s no better way to show these aliens ‘we come in peace’ than a few BLs. Who knows? Maybe a few beers will make this a party rather than a raid.”

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