Budderfly and Fujitsu General America Partner to Scale Energy Efficiency for Mid-Market Businesses Across the U.S.

Collaboration promotes high-efficiency energy technologies, including Ultra-High Performance heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, for small and medium-sized commercial buildings

SHELTON, Conn., December 05, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Budderfly, the premier sustainability partner for businesses with repeatable footprints, today announced a strategic partnership with Fujitsu General America, Inc. ("FGAI"), a subsidiary of one of Japan’s leading provider of air conditioning and heat pumps equipment Fujitsu General Limited, to develop and deploy high-efficiency energy technologies for mid-market businesses across the United States.

Under the terms of the agreement, Budderfly will leverage FGAI’s AIRSTAGE Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems as the core component for its Ultra High Performance (UHP) heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) architecture. The state-of-the-art heat pump and ventilator-separated system is the most advanced HVAC solution specifically designed for the approximately 94% of U.S. commercial buildings under 50,000 square feet. The UHP HVAC system is an energy-efficient solution to replace conventional and outdated Roof Top Unit (RTU) HVAC systems, reducing a building's energy consumption by as much as 70%. Fujitsu expects to deliver a large number of AIRSTAGE VRF Systems to Budderfly in the coming year, scaling year-over-year to service Budderfly’s robust customer pipeline.

In addition, Budderfly and FGAI will collaborate to innovate further and develop on-site, cloud-based sensing and control technologies that will unlock end-to-end digital transformation for small- and medium-sized businesses.

"As much as 50% of energy businesses consume is attributed to HVAC systems. As electricity prices and sustainability standards rise, we’re excited to partner with FGAI to help businesses reimagine their energy profile and better their bottom line," said Al Subbloie, chief executive officer and founder of Budderfly. "FGAI’s AIRSTAGE Systems are designed to meet the wide range of energy needs for commercial buildings, making them the ideal solution to seamlessly integrate into our end-to-end energy management offering."

Budderfly’s innovative UHP HVAC system decouples the conventional RTU HVAC into two components: an energy recovery ventilator and a variable refrigerant flow system. The energy recovery ventilator brings in outside air while also recovering energy from exhaust air. FGAI’s AIRSTAGE VRF system cools or heats the ventilated air based on the needs of the space and boosts overall air quality by improving humidity control, directing airflow, increasing oxygen levels, and lowering total volatile organic compounds (TVOCs). Budderfly’s UHP HVAC system, powered by FGAI’s AIRSTAGE VRF technology, is a fully electric system that eliminates the need for natural gas for heating and is half the size of a traditional HVAC rooftop unit.

"Our partners at Budderfly share in our core mission of unlocking a better, more sustainable future," said Tomokazu Hosoi, president at Fujitsu General America. "As pressures mount for buildings to reduce their carbon footprint, we’re combining our energy-efficient technology expertise and Budderfly’s innovative Energy as a Service business model to help accelerate the sustainability transformation for commercial buildings across the U.S."

"Embracing sustainability has proven to be a critical tool to better my bottom line," said Sean-Paul Ferrera, a Dunkin’ franchisee and Budderfly customer. "The UHP HVAC system, powered by FGAI technology, has not only significantly reduced my monthly energy bills, but also drastically improved the building environment and product quality."

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About Budderfly

Budderfly, ranked as one of the fastest-growing Energy as a Service (EaaS) companies in the United States, is the premier sustainability partner for businesses with repeatable footprints, such as restaurant chains, assisted living facilities, retail franchises, and more. Budderfly installs, monitors, and manages a combination of patented technologies, equipment upgrades, and proprietary energy software for its customers at no out-of-pocket cost. Businesses benefit from lower energy bills, a reduced carbon footprint, more reliable operations, and an improved customer and employee experience. Budderfly has ranked on the Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies list from 2021 to 2023 and on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list in 2023. For more information visit or follow us on LinkedIn or X (formerly Twitter).

About Fujitsu General America

Fujitsu General America, Inc. is a subsidiary of Fujitsu General Limited headquartered in Kawasaki, Japan. As a manufacturer of mini-splits and VRF Systems, Fujitsu General America is a provider of heating and cooling solutions for every application, backed by the finest service, support, training, and programs for the United States and Canada. FGAI’s line of high-efficiency, eco-friendly systems have been designed to provide advanced comfort solutions for residential and commercial applications. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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