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Building blocs: Mapping the Benelux accelerator ecosystem [datagraphic]

Andrew Woodman

The Benelux region is very much the cub of the European venture capital industry when compared with its neighbors. Europe's biggest economies all boast a healthy crop of unicorns, but the group of countries comprising Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg is yet to produce a household name such as Sweden's

Spotify and the UK's

Deliveroo. But that does not mean the region, which is also home to the European seat of power, should be overlooked. 

The nascent Benelux VC market has demonstrated impressive growth in recent years. PitchBook's

Venture Ecosystem FactBook: Benelux

reveals that as of August 1, venture financing in the region had already hit nearly €894 million (around $988 million). At the current rate, Benelux VC investment in 2019 is set to eclipse 2015's €1.4 billion, also per PitchBook data.

Much of this activity is still concentrated at the early stage, indicating a healthy pipeline of potential targets. Its large population of growing startups has partly been fueled by the region's network of incubators and accelerators. Using PitchBook data, we looked at some of the most active ones across the bloc: