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Bulgaria parliament revokes security chief choice

Thousands protesters take to the streets of the capital, Sofia, and other cities for a fourth day in a row demanding the government resigns over the appointment of Delyan Peevski, a media mogul, as the head of the national security agency. Bulgaria's prime minister said on Monday that last week's appointment of the nation's security chief was a mistake, but that his government will not resign over it. (AP Photo/Valentina Petrova)

SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP) -- Bulgaria's parliament has revoked the controversial appointment of a legislator and media mogul to head the country's security service, which led to several days of large protests.

Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski apologized Wednesday for last week's appointment of Delyan Peevski to the powerful post and asked legislators to reverse the decision. The motion to cancel Peevski's appointment was backed by all 128 legislators present.

Oresharski said he made a political mistake, and apologized to "the thousands of people who took to the streets to protest." He rejected, however, protesters' demands that he resign because it would lead to a "bigger political crisis."

President Rosen Plevneliev is convening political leaders Thursday to seek solutions to end the political crisis.