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Burger King faces fury from veggies over ‘meat free’ halloumi burger

Caroline Allen
Vegetarians initially praised Burger King for its new vegetarian burger. [Image: Burger King]

Burger King only launched its halloumi burger in the UK last week.

Now, vegetarians are revolting against the chain restaurant after discovering it’s cooked in the same fryer as the chicken and fish.

Burger King has been promoting it as one of its “meat-free” options, but eagle-eyed customers noticed that it says the burger is cooked in the fish and chicken fryers in the small print.

Customers took straight to Twitter to vent their frustration.

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One user complained: “Barely anyone’s talking about it and there’s going to [sic] be loads of people eating it assuming it’s suitable for vegetarians. Make it more clear to people or change the oil it’s cooked in.”

Customers were also complaining that they had been told by members of staff at Burger King that the burger was vegetarian, even though it’s not.

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Others said they were “fuming” to have eaten the burger only to discover later on that they had inadvertently eaten meat produce.

As the burger is supposedly on the vegetarian section of the menu, many vegetarians described the move by Burger King as “misleading”.

Burger King argued against the claims saying it doesn’t advertise the burger as vegetarian, but instead as “meat-free”.

An alternative option for vegetarians is the veggie burger, which is cooked separately from the meat products, and the patty it comes in isn’t fried.

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The burger, which is available as a single or a double, launched in the UK last week after a trial period in Sweden.

A single halloumi burger is £3.99 or £5.49 for a double. If you’d rather opt for a meal, you can get a single burger meal for £5.99 or a double for £7.49.

Understanding that non-veggies also love a bit of the halloumi-life, Burger King now give the option to add a piece of the cheesy goodness to your regular burger.

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