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Business Magazine Compares Angela Merkel To Hitler In New Ad Campaign

Laura Stampler

Mercado Magazine, a small business journal, just released a series of advertisements that is begging to drum up some controversy.

One ad asks viewers to "Understand and make your own Merkel," visually indicating that Greeks view her as Hitler (presumably due to deficit debates — Greeks did greet Merkel in Nazi uniforms when she visited Athens last year), Spaniards see her as Mother Theresa (again, presumably due to the Spanish bailout.)

mercado merkel hitler

Ads of the World

Posing any politician, particularly a German one, hailing is undoubtedly meant to offend.

The same stereotypes are given to the Pope. Catholics see him as he is, Muslims don't see him at all, homosexuals see him as a club wielding cave man, and the rest of the world see him as a blank slate.

pope cave man mercado

Ads of the World

Berlusconi gets off slightly easier — he is only compared to a Chippendale's dancer.

berlusconi mercado ad

Ads of the World

JWT Buenos Aires has created marketing campaigns for Mercado in the past and made this ad series as well.

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