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You Can Buy an Indiana Jones–Style Bridge for Your Cat to Lounge on, and It’s Adorable

Tainaya Nash
Photo credit: Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

I don’t care what anyone says—owning a pet is the equivalent of having a child. You bathe, feed, and nurture them with love and affection (well, I hope you do). In addition to all this, a good parent also provides the occasional toy every now and then. So, for all the cat parents out there, I have the perfect gift for your purr-baby: a cat bridge.

Fact: If you get your cat this bridge, they will love you forever. But this isn’t just any bridge—it was inspired by the bridge in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom (spoiler: It’s the one where he cuts the rope on the bridge to get from the bad guys).

Don’t worry—the rope on this bridge is much more durable than the one in the movie and is ready to be chewed and gnawed on. The rope is made out of twine, but you can upgrade to paracord instead. It makes the perfect toy or hammock for when your cat needs a power nap.

A customer left a review that reads, “Stunning! The bridge is unique, breathtaking, and brings excitement to my cat. The rope is durable. She can’t chew on it. Appreciated that the bridge came pre-assembled and saved a potential headache. The installation was simple and the quality is great.”

Now, this present is on the pricier side...it’s $195. But keep in mind that it’s handmade and the bridge already comes assembled. You can also customize it and choose for the bridge to have an English chestnut finish, onyx finish, or for a more undone look, you can leave it unfinished. Plus, how else are you going to film your all-cats tribute to Harrison Ford’s classic films?! I rest my case.

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