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Buy or Sell: The Colts presumed 2017 season slogan

These days, it seems like your sports season isn’t a season unless your coaches or marketing department come up with a slogan. Once the slogan is agreed upon, it’s used prominently, from lamppost banners near the stadium to billboards to social media to, of course, apparel that you can spend more of your hard-earned money on.

Some slogans are good. The one the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have chosen for recent seasons, “Siege the Day” is strong, and “Keep Pounding,” which the Carolina Panthers have used for years (it goes back to former Panthers player Sam Mills’ battle with cancer), is easily recognizable.

We feel you, Andrew Luck – we’re not sure what #ColtsForged means either. (AP)

Others, well, need some work.

We have a new entrant in that latter category.

On Monday night, the Indianapolis Colts’ Twitter feed posted this tweet, and has since pinned it:

It’s a photo of horses – colts, if you will – walking through fog with the overlay “#COLTSFORGED.”

No one knows what it means.

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Our best guess is colts wear horseshoes, horseshoes are iron, iron forges iron … yeah, that’s way too much work to try to understand a team slogan. Though it’s certainly better than, “We have no idea when our franchise QB is returning,” which seems to be the prevailing thought in Indy these days.

What do you think? Are you buying or selling the Colts’ slogan? Tell us in the comments.