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Buy the dip as China stocks at lowest since June: Lydon

Pras Subramanian

China’s stock market fell the most in six weeks today, but investors can’t be too angry at this little hiccup after the recent run-up China stocks have experienced.

Earlier today the Shanghai Composite Index shed 1.3%, its third straight day of losses. Bloomberg notes the current slide follows the Shanghai Index soaring nearly 10% since the low it hit back in June.

While the current selloff may be a bit disconcerting, many believe the Chinese market can still push higher. Count Tom Lydon of ETFtrends.com among the faithful.

“For China, there’s a lot going on,” he says in the attached video. “First of all valuations are there in a big way, P/E of 10 compared to 17 here in the U.S. The other thing there’s a lot of pride. Now for the first time, investors can actually invest on the China exchanges, through their A-Shares.”

Lydon has written before on a number of advantages working in China’s favor. Policy makers have lowered reserve requirements for banks that make loans to rural borrowers and small businesses. China’s PMI rose last month, and regional governments are instituting their own stimulus measures, he notes. Lastly, China’s loan to GDP ratio is attractively low compared to other Asian countries.

Lydon has a number of ETF plays for China. His top plays are:

  • db X-trackers Harvest China ETF (ASHR) – it’s the oldest and largest A-shares ETF, and it tracks China’s market directly
  • Market Vectors ChinaAMC A-Share ETF (PEK)
  • KraneShares Bosera MSCI China A ETF (KBA)

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